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Rigid Insulation Board:
R-value Packed into a Rigid Foam Panel

What comes to mind when you hear the word "insulation?" Most of us think of fiberglass batts, visualizing pink spun glass fibers that look a lot like cotton candy. Other folks might envision shredded newspaper, the main ingredient in cellulose insulation. Rigid foam boards also belong in this category of diverse, different-looking materials that all aim to save energy in the home by slowing heat transfer.

Rigid insulation board
Polyisocyanurate, Extruded polystyrene, and Expanded
polystyrene rigid insulation boards have certain advantages
and limitations.

There are different types of rigid foam insulation, which we'll get to in a minute. But all rigid foam insulation has certain advantages and limitations. Fiberglass and cellulose insulation can't stop air movement, but rigid foam can.

To be an effective air barrier, rigid foam needs to be sealed at joints and edges, but this is fairly easy to accomplish with tape and spray foam. Rigid foam panels come in a variety of thicknesses and widths. 2-ft. x 8-ft. and 4-ft. x 8-ft. panels are most common. Rigid foam cuts easily with a knife or saw. It's typically cut to fit and wedged (friction-fit) into place, but it can also be glued to surfaces with caulk, panel adhesive or spray foam.

Unlike batt and blown insulation, it won't blow or shift out of place once it's installed.

Rigid foam board insulation cost-per-R-value

On a cost-per-R-value basis, rigid foam is more expensive than fiberglass or cellulose, and it's definitely more difficult to install around obstacles or in odd-shaped spaces. Here are the three main types of rigid foam insulation:

With a comprehensive Home Energy Audit, Dr Energy Saver can help you identify if rigid board insulation is right for your home, and what R-value you need to optimize your savings on your heating and cooling bills.

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Energy Saving Success Story
Nick Nason completed an insulation evaluation and upgrade at our condo last winter. As a result of his excellent work our heating costs so far this winter are 50% of what they were last winter at this time, despite much colder conditions. In addition to the financial savings the level of comfort has improved tremendously.
- Sergio in Kennebunk, ME
Rich and Eric were both caring and hard working individuals. I would recommend them to anyone. They treated me with respect and treated my house like it was their own.
- Frank in Connecticut
I chose Dr. Energy Saver over the other companies because I knew they'd really save me money.
- Edward in Edwardsville, IL
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Video Testimonial
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