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Dr. Energy Saver Launches New Dealership Opportunity: Attic Systems™

Dr. Energy Saver launches new division Attic Systems™ to address homeowner comfort and health concerns while reducing heating and cooling bills.

Seymour, CT - May 11, 2017

Attic Systems logoDr. Energy Saver®, the leading network of home energy and comfort retrofit contractors in North America, has launched a new division, called Attic Systems™.   

The vast majority of homeowners in America suffer from serious comfort and health issues in their homes because of two major problems:

  1. Heating and cooling system ductwork placed in attics, the most hostile environment in the home, and;
  2. Their attics being insulated without first being air sealed. 

Many home builders and contractors make a huge mistake by installing heating and cooling ductwork in attics.  Attics can be 30 degrees or colder in the winter, effectively turning ducts in attics into re-cooling lines.  The air homeowners’ just paid to heat is cooled off before it reaches the rooms the customer wants to make warmer.   In summer, the opposite occurs.  Ducts sitting in 140 degree+ attics are re- heating lines for the air that homeowners’ just paid to cool, making it nearly impossible to make rooms cooler.  Plus, the heating and cooling systems run much, much longer, increasing fuel and electric bills and wasting energy. 

Homeowners believe that adding additional insulation in their attics will fix rooms that are too hot or too cold, and reduce high energy bills.  Unfortunately, many insulation contractors simply add more batts without sealing all the gaps and cracks in attic floors.  The air flowing through these holes deposit dirt in fiberglass batts, reducing their ability to resist heat flow, and lower their insulation value.  Insulating attic floors without air sealing is malpractice!

Attic Systems dealers are taught how to identify and fix these problems the right way, delivering effective and affordable solutions to homeowners’ comfort and health concerns, while reducing their high heating and cooling bills.  Attic Systems dealers are trained to help homeowners fully understand what it takes to fix their attics correctly and completely. 

Attic Systems is a great add on service offering for HVAC, roofing and pest control contractors that already have sales and service team members in attics. 

For more information: Please visit for more information on attic insulation dealership opportunities.

About Dr. Energy Saver: Dr. Energy Saver is a part of the largest and fastest growing network of home energy and comfort retrofit contractors in the world. The company was established in 2009 by Larry Janesky, founder and owner of Contractor Nation, a family of over seven leading home improvement related companies. 


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