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Improve Home Insulation with Tight 'n True™

Airtight insulation coverage from Tight 'n True™ foam encapsulation improves the sealing power of duct insulation. The Tight 'n True™ duct encapsulation system provides superior R-value, recovers home insulation value, has energy-saving capabilities and is guaranteed to lower utility costs.

Seymour, CT - May 16, 2018

The experts at Dr. Energy Saver now offer enhanced insulation with Tight 'n True™, which optimizes home energy usage and is guaranteed to lower utility bills. A closed-cell foam encapsulation system provides extra sealing power to existing duct wrap, delivering airtight protection and heat resistance while recovering insulation value.

Benefits of duct encapsulation:

  • Superior R-value per inch
  • Recovers insulation value from existing duct insulation
  • Highly-efficient with performance-enhancing add-ons

Maximize the insulating performance

When Tight 'n True™ is combined with TruSoft™ blown-in attic insulation, ducts are heavily guarded under tightly-secured cellulose insulation. In uncovered attics and crawl spaces, insulation and the Tight 'n True Duct Encapsulation system can add significant R-value and energy-saving capabilities.

About Dr. Energy Saver

Dr. Energy Saver is a part of the largest and fastest growing network of home energy and comfort retrofit contractors in the world. The company was established in 2009 by Larry Janesky, founder and owner of Contractor Nation, a family of home improvement-related companies. Contractor Nation is headquartered in Seymour, Connecticut.


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