Coastal Insulation

Title: Assistant Controller

Jacqueline from Coastal Insulation

Jacqueline is the Assistant Controller of Coastal, with direct management of Coastal’s corporate payroll, along with numerous financial reporting responsibilities. Jacqueline is also well-skilled in IT, which further enhances her value at Coastal. 


Jacqueline is one of many success stories at Coastal, in that she began her career here 10 years ago as a Staff Accountant, and through years of hard work, and advancing her education, she now holds a supervisory position, with critical responsibilities within the organization.


Jacqueline originally received her Bachelor of Science in Public Health but as her interest in Coastal, and desire for accounting knowledge grew, she earned her Master of Science in Accounting from Southern New Hampshire University, as well as passing the Certified Management Accountant (CMA) exam, all while maintaining her challenging full-time position at Coastal.

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