Jay Storti

Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley

Title: Certified Energy Specialist

Hometown: Beacon, NY

Jay Storti from Dr. Energy Saver of Hudson Valley

Jay’s Mission is to educate his clients and community on the rewards of energy efficiency. By
evaluting the needs of the structure, he will compose a comprehensive plan designed to tighten the thermal envelope, improve indoor air quality and acoustics all while lowering operating costs and creating a more comfortable home.

Jay has been in the spray foam industry for 25 years. He has recieved his training throughout the years through various channels and holds many Building Science Certificates. He also has extensive training through the Dr. Energy Saver National Contractor Network. In 1997, Jay was featured on the show, “This Old House”.

His deep interest in Building Science pushes Jay to use every opportunity to further his education and knowl-edge of the home building industry’s leading solutions. He enjoys sharing what he has learned with builders, architects, and home owners and he enjoys educating them about the many options available to solve their energy efficiency, air sealing, and comfort problems. Jay stands behind our products and believes that our specific line of spray foam is an integral part of a comfortable, healthy, and energy efficent home.

Jay enjoys spending his free time with his wife and children; he is also an avid athlete who bowls, golfs, and plays softball.

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