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Insulating Floor of Addition in Monticello, NY

To combat cold floors, Global Dwelling added blown cellulose insulation to the floors via access holes drilled into the exposed plywood under this home addition.
After dense packing the floor cavities, our crew sealed the access holes with a second layer of plywood sealed at the seams with spray foam. These insulation measures will stop drafts and keep this family's floors warm in the winter.

Insulated Attic Stair Cover in Gardiner, NY

To prevent conditioned air from migrating into the attic space and hot attic air from migrating into the house, Global Dwelling installed this insulated pull-down stair cover. Fabricated with foil-faced rigid foam board with an air sealing gasket fixed along the base to prevent leakage, the cover allows stairs to neatly fold up into the insulated cavity.

Open Attic Blown Cellulose

Dense Pack Cellulose for New Construction in Accord, NY

This is a new construction project that we recently did. The walls were 2x6" and in order to install cellulose we had to install netting over the studs and stapled it every 1/2" to support the pressure of the installed cellulose. Once its in the wall its very stable and a good air sealer.

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