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Super knee wall

Reducing drafts in a knee wall

Rim joists

Air sealed and insulated rim joists

Crawlspace Vapor Barrier and Spray Foam- Kingston, NY

Customer was having issues with moisture build up and overall dampness in her Crawlspace.  We installed a vapor barrier as well as spray foamed the foundation walls to keep it dry and cozy.

Crawlspace Encapsulation in Elka Park, NY

CleanSpace Encapsulation System with Silverglo and Vapor Barrier in Elka Park, NY

Insulating Crawlspace Walls in Woodstock, NY

Crawlspace walls were uninsulated and Laura was spending her whole day loading the woodstove to stay warm. Once we properly insulated the crawlspace, the home stayed comfortable and Laura was able to spend more time enjoying her home instead of working constantly to stay warm.

Total Before & After Sets: 27

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