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Attic insulation with wrapped flue pipe in Honeoye Falls, NY

This attic in a Honeoye Falls home was in bad shape. With no insulation a lot of energy was being released out of the attic, causing utility bills to increase. We added 12" blown-in cellulose and wrapped the flue pipe to make this home more comfortable and efficient.

Attic Insulation in Clifton Springs, NY

This house was losing a lot of heat through the attic ceiling and walls. We spray foamed around the current fiber glass insulation, wrapped in plastic to seal around the wood and then sprayed cellulose into the floor and walls to make sure everything stayed tight and sealed off from the outdoors. 

Blower Door Reduction in Clifton Springs Cape Cod Home

We insulated this Cape Cod home in Clifton Springs and saw a huge reduction in the blower door readings. We insulated the knee-walls and spray foamed the rim joists in this home.

Duct Air Sealing

This customers house was very cold, especially in the basement. The cold air was causing ice damming and high utility costs. The photo shows the insulation and air sealing around the ducts in the basement. This helps the air flow stay inside the duct and not leak out which will cause the entire home and the basement to stay at the temperature desired. 

Attic insulation in Pittsford, NY

We recently upgraded this home in Pittsford to lower their bills and reduce ice damming that was causing damage to the interior drywall.  Our crew installed various air sealing measures such as fire foam around wire penetrations and light fixtures, sheet metal panning and rockwool around the chimney flue pipe, and an attic cover over the pull down stairs.  We also added 14 inches of cellulose insulation in the attic and densed packed the slopes that were poorly insulated and moving a lot of air.

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