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Old, Leaky Windows Replaced in Fairport, NY

This colonial on the canal in Fairport had leaky old windows.  The homeowner was tired of painting them, and tired of the cold drafts in the family room.  We replaced them with new Sunrise windows.

Fairport Heat-Pump Replacement

A young couple living in Fairport found that their heap pump was on its last legs.  We installed a new Goodman heat pump to replace it.

Insulated Ducts in Rochester Attic

The ductwork in this Brighton home runs through the cold attic.  By the time the heated air reached the bedrooms, it was luke-warm at best.  The walls and floors were cold, and the bedrooms were drafty.

We insulated the attic and the ducts.  We sealed the duct and stopped the drafts, making the bedrooms cozy, warm, and energy efficient.

Indow Windows Install in Rochester

This homeowner needed new windows installed but didn't want to change the appearance of his home. We came out and installed indow windows, which are more energy efficiency and help to block out sound, without changing the character of your home. 

Open Chases Corrected in Rochester, NY

Cold air from the basement of this townhome near Mt. Hope had a clear pathway up to the attic, making the bedroom wall cold to the touch.  By sealing off the airflow at the basement and attic, we can keep the warm air in the house where it belongs.

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