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In addition to the financial savings the level of comfort has improved tremendously.

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Rich and Eric were both caring and hard working individuals. I would recommend them to anyone.

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I chose Dr. Energy Saver over the other companies because I knew they'd really save me money.

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Dr. Energy Saver dealers are full service home energy contractors providing solutions for all types of home comfort problems. If you have uncomfortable rooms or high heating and cooling costs, we can help! We offer a full range of home insulation and HVAC services, including a home energy audit that is designed to identify problem areas in your home and allows us to provide a customized solution that suits your needs.

We offer a wide variety of insulation materials, including spray foam, cellulose, blown fiberglass, and rigid foam. When combined with air sealing, insulation will eliminate drafts in your living areas, attic, and basement or crawl space while also creating a more comfortable and evenly heated and cooled home. If you have problems with your furnace or air conditioning unit, we also offer expert repair and replacement services for all types of systems. Together, these home energy upgrades will eliminate high energy bills and uncomfortably hot or cold rooms, giving you a more comfortable, efficient home.

Is your home uncomfortable?

Attic Space

Home comfort problems frequently start in the attic, where insufficient insulation, air leaks, and ductwork problems cause your home to have uncomfortably hot or cold rooms and force your HVAC system to run longer. Our insulation and air sealing services can eliminate these problems in your home and improve comfort and efficiency.

Living Area

If you have inconsistent temperatures throughout the home or isolated individual rooms, we can help. Insulation upgrades, efficient windows and doors, and duct sealing are among the services that can help create even, comfortable temperatures in the home and reduce HVAC costs.

Below Grade Space

Unfinished below grade spaces are a major source of energy loss and will create problems such as cold floors and uneven temperatures in the living areas above. Insulating rim joists, basement insulation, and crawl space encapsulation are all ways we can eliminate drafts and leaks to keep your home more comfortable and efficient.

Make Your Home More Comfortable With The Following Services

Many homeowners struggle with the challenges of uncomfortable rooms, uneven temperatures throughout the home, and rising heating and cooling costs. Finding the solutions to these problems can be difficult, which is why Dr. Energy Saver is here to help.

We perform home energy-saving services such as adding home insulation, installing and upgrading furnaces and water heaters, replacing windows and doors, and more. With our home energy audits, you can be sure you're getting the best solutions for your specific needs. Our home energy services are designed to identify problem areas in your home and provide effective, long lasting solutions.


Uncomfortable Homes Fixed

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Completed Home Energy Projects

Attic Insulation
Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation

We provided air sealing and cellulose insulation in this uninsulated attic while still leaving the homeowners with storage space. These upgrades create a thermal barrier in the attic and improve energy efficiency and comfort.

Duct Encapsulation
Duct Encapsulation

Duct Encapsulation

Exposed ductwork creates several energy efficiency and comfort problems. By sealing and insulating the ducts with spray foam, we can eliminate air loss and help the ducts operate at maximum efficiency.

Window Replacement
Window Replacement

Replacement Windows

Upgrading to modern windows with energy efficient glass helps keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Replacement windows also eliminate drafts and energy loss to improve efficiency.

Basement Insulation
Basement Insulation

Basement Insulation

Installing our Foamax™ insulation on basement walls prevents energy loss in the basement, keeping the floors above warmer and helping reduce heating costs.

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