Duct Insulation

Duct Insulation

Uninsulated ducts waste energy and cost you money and comfort

Watch this video to see the dramatic effect duct insulation can have on your home.

Most homeowners understand the importance of properly insulating their homes, but far too many overlook the ductwork. If your uninsulated ductwork is located in an attic, basement, or crawl space, you're losing energy and money. If you think your HVAC system is inefficient or underperforming, the problem may actually be that you need to insulate and encapsulate your ductwork.

Dr. Energy Saver can help you identify the real cause of heating and cooling problems in your home. We provide complete duct insulation and duct encapsulation services to ensure that your home is as comfortable and efficient as possible. Call us today to get started with an estimate!

The problem with not insulating ductwork

The attic, crawl space, and an unfinished basement are all unconditioned spaces -- meaning you don't pay to heat and cool them. If you have ductwork in one of these areas, the duct temperature will be the same as the temperature of the space.

This means that your heating system has to change the temperature of the ductwork before it can actually heat or cool your living space. On cold winter days the air you pay to heat is cooled by the ducts before it ever reaches the vents, meaning your furnace has to work that much harder to warm up the home. Duct encapsulation will prevent this from happening. On hot summer days, the reverse is true as cold air from the air conditioning system is heated by the ductwork.

Duct encapsulation and insulation improves comfort and energy performance

Ducts can be insulated in different ways. Sometimes a foil-faced blanket is wrapped around the duct. In other cases, a duct run can be insulated with spray foam. A third option (with attic ductwork) is to add enough extra attic insulation so that the ducts are completely covered with the new insulation. A good way to determine which strategies work best is to have an energy audit performed on your house.

Duct sealing and duct insulation go together

Dr. Energy Saver can help you solve these problems with duct encapsulation, sealing and insulation. Home energy experts recommend that ducts should be sealed as well as insulated, and it's very cost-effective to have this work performed at the same time.

Ducts are inherently leaky because of all the joints between duct sections and fittings. Energy is wasted when conditioned air leaks out of ducts, and when unconditioned air leaks in. Leaky ducts also create indoor air quality problems by drawing attic, basement and crawl space air into the air supplied to the living space.

Once your ducts are sealed, we insulate the ducts using spray foam or another insulation material. This ensures that the ducts stay the same temperature as the air you're paying to condition, limiting your heating and cooling costs and allowing your home to reach the temperature you want faster.

The Smart Money Guarantee

Smart Money Guarantee Program Seal

When you insulate and seal ducts, not only will you see a significant improvement in your home's comfort and energy efficiency, but you will also save a substantial amount of money. Don't believe us? With the Smart Money Guarantee, we promise that if your savings don't match or exceed the total cost of your project within 10 years, we'll refund you the difference.

If your home needs any of these upgrades, you may qualify for our Smart Money Guarantee program:

  • Attic duct encapsulation
  • Attic air sealing
  • Attic hatch & pull-down stairs air sealing
  • Can light covers
  • Chimney chase & major opening sealing
  • Vented knee wall space sealing
  • Insulating with cellulose
  • Creating a conditioned attic

Contact Dr. Energy Saver to upgrade your duct insulation

Dr. Energy Saver dealers can inspect your home and help you decide if duct encapsulation, sealing and duct insulation are the right solutions for your problems. We provide complete home insulation services designed to improve your comfort and reduce HVAC bills. Call your local dealer today for an estimate!

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