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Insulating basement walls with rigid foam

Rigid foam insulation can be installed against foundation walls with adhesive and masonry fasteners.

Many houses have basement insulation in the form of fiberglass batts that are installed between basement ceiling joists. But this insulation does nothing to make your basement more comfortable and energy efficient. The other limitation of fiberglass insulation is that it can't stop air leakage that causes comfort, energy and moisture problems.

Dr. Energy Saver offers a variety of insulation solutions designed specifically for the basement environment. Your local Dr. Energy Saver contractor can inspect your home and help you decide on the best insulation plan for your basement.

Benefits of insulating your basement

  • Basement space becomes usable as extra living space, with more comfortable temperatures and lower humidity.
  • Eliminate mold & mildew problems in the basement.
  • Stop unwanted air infiltration that brings in cold winter air.
  • Upstairs living space will be more comfortable.
  • Lower heating & cooling costs.

Innovative basement wall & floor insulation products made from rigid foam

ThermalDry Decking

One-step solution. ThermalDry® Decking combines rigid foam floor insulation with moisture-proof & mold-proof subflooring.

Given the problems with fiberglass insulation in the basement, Dr. Energy Saver developed an alternative solution using rigid foam insulation. Unlike fiberglass batts, rigid foam insulation won't absorb moisture, compress, lose R-value or fall out of place. It has ideal characteristics for use in the basement, which is why we recommend three innovative basement insulation products.

  • SilverGlo™ Insulation Panels: SilverGlo™ panels are made with tiny graphite particles that reflect heat and provide superior R-value. The rigid foam panels also boast a radiant barrier, which reflects heat back into your basement. Putting rigid foam insulation on basement walls will make your basement and your entire house more comfortable and more energy efficient.
  • Foamax® Insulation: Foamax® is a highly effective insulation panel that also serves to improve the appearance of your basement. Finished with a white foil on the front, Foamax® provides the wall insulation you need to improve your home comfort and energy efficiency. Even better, Foamax® is fully compatible with your basement waterproofing system and can easily be covered with a fully finished wall.
  • ThermalDry® Insulated Floor Decking: For maximum energy savings and comfort, it's best to insulate both the walls and floors of your basement. ThermalDry® Insulated Floor Decking™ is interlocking 2-ft. X 2-ft. squares that combine rigid foam insulation and special moisture-proof underlayment. You install basement floor insulation and subflooring in one step.

When your foundation walls are insulated with rigid foam, your Dr. Energy Saver contractor can also seal and insulate the rim joist in your basement or crawl space to eliminate this major source of air infiltration.

Upgrade your home comfort and efficiency with basement insulation today

If you're tired of drafts, uncomfortable rooms, and expensive heating and cooling costs, Dr. Energy Saver is here to help. Our basement insulation services will ensure that your home is as efficient and comfortable as possible. Contact your local dealer today for an estimate!

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