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First Time Homeowner? Here's How To Insulate Your New Home!

Dr. Energy Saver endeavours to not only provide excellent workmanship and customer service but also to share a useful wealth of knowledge with first-time homeowners!

Thursday, October 28th

Why Insulation Is Important During The Summer

Here at Dr. Energy Saver, we make energy efficiency our business. While it's common knowledge how insulation works during the cold winter months to keep our homes warm. R...

Thursday, July 15th

Why Are My Walls Cold?

Here at Dr. Energy Saver we're the experts on home energy efficiency. The issue of cold walls isn't just an indoor comfort problem, but could become a health issue. If ...

Thursday, January 21st

Are Cold Homes Unhealthy?

Here at Dr. Energy Saver, our goal is to keep our customers happy, healthy, and comfortable in their homes. Over the years it's been proven that living in a cold home for...

Friday, November 20th

How Can I Keep Heat From Escaping My Home?

Here at Dr. Energy Saver, our business is maximizing home comfort and energy efficiency for homeowners across the country. As fall comes to a close, and we all prepare fo...

Monday, November 9th

How Dr. Energy Saver Can Help you Save on Energy This Energy Awareness Mont...

Dr. Energy Saver was founded on the principles of home comfort, money saving, and energy conservation--which is why we're so pleased to tell you all about how we can help...

Thursday, October 29th

Can Attic Insulation Cause Allergies?

Have you been experiencing allergy sympotoms in your home? Stuffy nose, itchy, watery eyes, a cough, or even skin irritation? It could be your insulation.

Wednesday, September 2nd

Does Attic Insulation Help In the Summer?

We all know that attic insulation is essential during the cold winter months, but does it help or hurt when summer rolls around?

Friday, June 19th

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