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Sunrise Window

Inefficient, unattractive windows can have a larger impact on your home than you might first think. Not only will they detract from the overall appearance and value of your home, but they will also decrease home comfort and force you to spend more on energy bills. There are tons of replacement window brands available, but some are better than others!

Rated for their superior comfort and energy performance by the National Fenestration Registration Council, Sunrise Windows are known and trusted by homeowners and contractors alike for their reliably high quality. They consistently outperform competitors in a variety of categories. Here are just some of the benefits Sunrise Windows have to offer:

  • High energy efficiency. Sunrise Windows are created with materials that promote energy efficiency for your home. Low-e glass reflects heat back from the way it came, meaning hot summer air is kept outside but your home’s heating is also contained in the winter. Their insulated window frame construction also prevents energy loss. The last key factor to energy-efficient windows is a proper installation – make sure you only trust a professional for window replacement! Altogether, Sunrise windows will help save you money on your utilities by not overworking your HVAC.
  • Improved home comfort. Sunrise’s energy-efficient windows will also promote home comfort. Since hot or cold air is kept where it belongs, the temperature within your home will be just what you want it to be. Additionally, you shouldn’t feel drafts around your replacement windows!
  • Reduced outside noise. Because of their proper fit and insulated window panes and frames, Sunrise windows can keep noise pollution like heavy traffic or noisy neighbors and other irritants outside. This will allow you to better enjoy your time indoors!
  • Increase home beauty and durability. Sunrise windows are made of strong, durable vinyl frames that come in a variety of colors and textures. You can even have different looks for the interior or exterior of your home – for example, if you wanted a wood grain finish on the inside but a plain color on the outside. Sunrise frames are also thinner than many other brands, allowing for maximum light and outside viewing.
  • Extensive warranties. Sunrise’s lifetime warranty is the best in the business. It covers the entire window and can be transferred to a second property owner.

Replacement windows have the potential to transform any home, and there are so many reasons why new windows might be right for you. If you’re interested in installing Sunrise Replacement Windows in your home, your local Dr. Energy Saver dealer can help. Contact them today and schedule a free estimate!

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