(VIDEO) Why is one room hotter than the rest of the house?

During hot days, do you have a room or area of your house that doesn't ever seem to cool off no matter how long your central air conditioner runs? This is an all-too-common problem in many homes. Every year, Dr. Energy Saver contractors get hundreds and hundreds of calls from homeowners dealing with hot, uncomfortable rooms and often high energy bills too. But what's the cause? 

In this video from Dr. Energy Saver's "On the Job" series, Larry Janesky, the owner and founder of Dr. Energy Saver inspects a home with thermal imaging equipment and discovers that ductwork in the unconditioned attic is the culprit behind this homeowner's comfort and energy problems.

As demonstrated in the video, temperatures in this home's unconditioned attic reached a scorching 115 degrees in late-May. This same hot attic also housed the air ducts and air handler - all of which were also leaky, which was contributing to even more energy loss.

The running AC system was consuming more energy than necessary to cool the air down to approximately 55 degrees. The air was running through a handler with a metal case that was just as hot as the attic itself. The air gained heat as it ran through the uninsulated ducts on the way to the rooms that were trying to be cooled.

In the master bedroom - the room closest to the handler - the air coming out of the vents was only 2 degrees less than the target temperature. That means that the air conditioner would have to work longer and harder just to make that room comfortable.

In a room farther away from the air handler, the air gained so much heat while running through the uninsulated ducts that it was coming out of the vents 10 degrees hotter than the target temperature! This homeowner was paying to cool their home with air that's running through leaky air ducts in a scorching hot attic.

If you have a room in your house that's always hotter than the rest, let Dr. Energy Saver help. We're passionate about fixing ductwork problems and other issues that can help make homes more comfortable and energy efficient. Contact the local Dr. Energy Saver contractor in your area to schedule a home energy evaluation today!

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