Uncomfortable Room Above Your Garage? Learn How to Fix It!

Air Sealing In A Garage Ceiling

If your home has a built-in garage, chances are there's a room above it to give your home the most space possible. You might use this room for anything from a bedroom to an office, bathroom, or storage space. But no matter what type of room it's become, one fact will stay the same - if you have a drafty, inefficient garage, the space above it will suffer.

Fortunately, there are a few ways Dr. Energy Saver can help keep the room over your garage comfortable all year long. This will also help you save on energy bills, because you won't be forced to blast your AC or heating. There are three main parts of the garage that should be inspected to improve the environment of your home:

  • Garage ceilings. The first place any energy expert will look in the garage is the ceiling because of its proximity to the room above. Air sealing and insulating a garage ceiling will prevent cold floors or drafts from ruining your indoor living space. It will also prevent dangerous auto emissions from entering your home and harming your family.
  • Garage walls. Does your garage share a wall with an interior room? If so, insulation, air sealing, and fire-rated dry wall are key. This will help keep hot or cold temperatures out of your home, including the room above the garage, while also helping to ensure your entire home's safety.
  • Garage doors. A door from your home into a garage should be treated like any other exterior door in your home. It needs to be properly fitted, insulated, and weatherstripped, as well as fire-rated. Your garage will also have at least one door for your car, and you can choose to install a new insulated door or retrofit a current structure with insulation. Not only will this help keep your garage and the room above temperate, but as an added bonus insulated doors tend to be stronger and more resistant to dents.

With so many easy, affordable options, there's no reason to suffer extreme temperatures and soaring energy bills because of your garage. Have a Dr. Energy Saver dealer provide the right insulation and air sealing services for the space, and transform that stuffy or frigid room above the garage into a space you love to use! Our dealers offer free estimates across the country - find your local dealer and schedule a free quote today!

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