Killing Mold in a Crawl Space, Basement or Attic


In this episode of "On The Job," Larry Janesky, owner and founder of Dr. Energy Saver, explains the mold removal process, using a product called Mold-X Cleaner. Mold-X is applied using a fogger, much like the ones used in pest control. The product will kill and neutralize the mold, stopping it from releasing spores.

Mold is a very tricky organism. It spreads quickly, because living colonies are always releasing "seeds" or mold spores into the air. These airborne spores only need a moist, warm organic surface to develop and our attics, basements and crawls spaces provide the perfect environment for them to strive.

How to kill mold in a crawl space

Is There Something We Can Do to Kill Mold?

In this crawl space we will use a machine designed for cleaning mold, known as the mold fogger. With the hose attached and the chemical Mold-X added to the machine, a fog is produced and distributed evenly throughout the crawl space, killing the active mold spores. This type of mold treatment is a great way to neutralize mold growth in a crawl space, basement or attic. For more severe cases of mold growth, we would usually combine fogging with mold remediation to ensure full removal.

Mold-X is distributed with the fogger

Play it Safe When Dealing With Mold Chemicals

Before we start our job in this crawl space we need to make sure that everyone living in the home, including pets, leave the premises during the application and for two hours after. Even though the chemicals in Mold-X aren't as harmful as many similar products, safety precautions must be taken, as our crew’s will wear protective gear to properly apply the chemical. Once we’ve taken all our precautions, we will turn the fogger on and begin the application of the Mold-X Claner in the home!

Dr. Energy Saver can help eliminate mold in your home

Enjoy a Healthier Home With Dr. Energy Saver's Mold Removal Services

Once the mold is killed, additional steps must be taken to control moisture in the crawl space, basement and attic, to prevent new mold growth. Crawl space encapsulation, proper air sealing and a powerful dehumidifier might be needed to permanently avoid mold problems in the future.

If you would like to make your home a healthier and more comfortable place to live, contact your local Dr. Energy Saver contractor today. Our energy specialists will thoroughly inspect your home and provide a customized solution to improve all of your home energy worries.

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