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Home Insulation Contractors in Mississippi

Summertime in Mississippi can be brutal. With average July and August temperatures in the 90s, it's imperative that Mississippi homeowners take the proper steps to keep their air conditioned air trapped inside their home. Too often, though, that costly AC leaks outside, and the hot summer air makes its way indoors. When this happens, we’re forced to either sweat it out, or lower our thermostat (which increases our electric bill).

Now, there's a better way. Dr. Energy Saver can help you to stop wasting energy in your Mississippi home and lower your electric bill by hundreds of dollars a year.

Our Mississippi home energy audit professionals will inspect over 90 areas of your home to see where you're losing and wasting the most energy. Once we're finished, we'll offer you such helpful, money-saving advice as:

  • Replace your attic fan with radiant barriers to save up to 10% on your summer electric bills.
  • Insulate your hot water heater to save $75 a year on your Mississippi electric bill.
  • Install solar panels to generate your own electricity and never receive an electric bill again!

At Dr. Energy Saver, we take a whole-house approach to energy savings, because if just one area of your home is wasting or losing energy, your wallet (and the environment) suffers. Whether you live in Biloxi, Jackson, Tupelo, or Columbus, contact Dr. Energy Saver today. It's never been easier to save!


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