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Does your New Mexico home reach unbearable temperatures during the summer? Do you find yourself repeatedly visiting your thermostat to turn it down a degree or two? For every degree you lower your thermostat, you increase your NM home’s energy use (and electric bill) by 4%. Although this may not sound like a large percentage – considering it’s at the expense of remaining comfortable in your home – every degree, just like every dollar, counts.

Is there a way to lower both your home’s energy usage and its inside temperature? Of course! Dr. Energy Saver’s New Mexico home energy auditors can tell you dozens of ways to save electricity and money every day.

Installing a radiant barrier in your attic, for example, can lower your electric bill up to 10%. How? We’ve all seen foil radiant barriers on the inside of car windshields. They’re designed to reflect sunlight so that the car’s inside temperature doesn’t reach unbearable heights.

A radiant barrier for your home attic works in the same way. Dr. Energy Saver’s specialists will line your attic with a radiant barrier that will reflect over 95% of the sun’s heat back outside, and your air conditioning costs will be instantly reduced. What’s more, if you use your attic for storage, the radiant barrier will protect your belongings from New Mexico’s extreme summer temperatures.

This is just one way that Dr. Energy Saver can help lower your electric bill. During our New Mexico home energy audit, we’ll inspect other areas of your home as well, including windows, doors, basement, and heating and cooling systems. Whether you live in Carlsbad, Las Cruces, Albuquerque, or Santa Fe, contact Dr. Energy Saver today to start saving!


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