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Jen B. from Harrington, DE describes her experience with Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva. Jen had plans to finish her attic and had it previously insulated with fiberglass bats, but the fiberglass soon began to develop mold problems. After researching online, she decided to call Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva and have the attic insulated with spray foam. Spray foam insulation insulates, air seals and helps control moisture in the attic. Proper moisture control prevents mold from coming back. Jennifer is very happy with the results and with the entire experience.
Jen B. of Harrington, DE
Monday, June 15th
  The crawl space under Boyd B.'s home in Harrington, DE was causing a myriad of problems for him and his wife. There was the overall temperature discomfort a lot of humidity could be felt throughout the house. The floors used to be very cold during the winter. When Boyd and his wife saw Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva at a home show, they decided to call them to fix the crawl space -- and they are very happy they did. The company delivered great service, from beginning to end and the results are noticeable, with great improvement in comfort and energy efficiency. "You were professional from the very beginning: the sales people to the installation -- and the product is doing exactly what you told us it would do. Actually in my opinion, doing more. We are very pleased" -- says Boyd. "Anyone who is experiencing similar type of problems that we've had should consider sitting down and talking to you folks about what you can do for them!"
Boyd B. of Harrington, DE
Tuesday, December 29th
Ron A. first learned about Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva and everything we do when visiting our booth at a local health fair. A few months later he was ready to call us in to get his Newark. DE home evaluated and solve some comfort issues they have been experienced. During the inspection, our technicians found some insulation deficiencies in the garage, the attic and the crawl space. There was also mold in the crawl space, something that Ron didn't know before the inspection. The garage was insulated and the attic received 25 extra inches of blown cellulose to bring it up to the recommended R-Value for the region. The crawl space was insulated, sealed and a dehumidifier now controls humidity in the area to keep mold from coming back.
Ron A. of Newark, DE
Testimonial Photo by Deborah C.
"Danté, AJ, and Kyle were a great work crew from start to finish. They kept me updated, worked hard throughout the day, and cleaned up each afternoon."
Deborah C. of Harrington, DE
Wednesday, October 18th
"As part of the process of upgrading our HVAC system, we engaged Lawson Home Services to perform an energy audit. Ryan spent several hours at our home evaluating numerous possible vulnerabilities for energy loss. We received a very thorough report detailing issues and possible corrections. Highly recommend"Currently, in December 2023, Energize Delaware subsidizes home energy audits for Delaware Residents, resulting in a total cost of just $50 for the homeowner ($25 if you are military or a first responder). Call Lawson Home Services to get on the schedule while this amazing offer is still in effect. 
Sam M. of Rehoboth Beach, DE
Monday, October 30th
"Donnie Lonski of Lawson Home Services came to our home to clean our dryer duct and the back of our dryer. My goodness he was absolutely wonderful. The last tech that came refused to open the back of our dryer and clean the lint. He claimed it was no necessary to open the flexible vent hose to remove all the lint. After a few years our dryer was [getting] very hot. Clothes were still damp. So I just stopped using my dryer and hung everything on all the doors. I was afraid of a fire. Saved money on the electric bill, but I needed my dryer back. We want to tell you the Don checked everything and he said you must always remove the flexible vent hose and clean in the back of the dryer. And it should be done once every year. Not only that [but] Don went into our crawl space and found our metal duct work was improperly installed. Instead of using the metal the whole 20 feet the used 15 feet of metal and used the flexible vent hose at both ends and did a terrible job of taping - as a result we had major leakage [pumping moisture into the crawl space] Don said he will return when the office schedules him and de will do the job correctly. Don was very professional, ever so pleasant, and extremely knowledgeable. Don really took his time to explain all the problems we had. We are so grateful that we ended up with a great guy.  Please schedule Don to return to complete our job completely". 
Tom H. of Rehoboth Beach, DE
Thursday, May 18th
Hello everyone!  I wanted to pass this along in case anyone was interested in having their home checked through this special incentive.  Since we moved in, we have had challenges with high propane bills, drafty rooms, air leakage, etc and wanted to get a professional audit so I could figure out ways to conserve and be more comfortable.  We had our audit done today.  Our Energy Consultant was Kevin Knowles from "Dr. Energy Saver."  He did an extremely thorough audit of the whole house which included an evaluation of the crawl space, attic, blower door test (to test for actual percentage of air leakage), and he used thermal imaging to detect areas of missing/low insulation and leakage in walls and around base boards.  He was extremely knowledgeable, and I could tell he took his job seriously and cared about giving us great customer service.  Generous tax credits and rebates from Delmarva are anticipated for 2012, so any work you may want to have done will become more affordable as well as increase comfort and allow the potential to save on monthly energy bills. If you call, please ask for Kevin and tell them Tina and Brandon Squibb sent you!  Good luck, Tina :0)
Tina S. of Centreville, MD
Monday, January 2nd
Just wanted to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with our new crawlspace encapsulation. We were certainly impressed with the entire process from the presentation by Mike Brittingham to the product installation by Sean Cronin and Harry Harrison. They were all very friendly and very professional. 
Fred & Pam E. of Centreville, MD
Monday, December 10th
Gary, We thank you for your attention to our project. We are truly hopeful that this process will make for a safer home for our infant grandchild and that his respiratory problems will be minimized with the removal of the mold. Thank you for the extra work you put into making sure the job was done right. Thanks again, Trish C.
Patricia & Charles C. of Ridgely, MD
Monday, October 6th
"Your service was outstanding. Great workers and excellent service. Hard to find service like that these days. Thank you very much. You will be highly recommended to everyone I know"
Gregory C. of Camden Wyoming, DE
Thursday, January 4th
The office staff was courteous and helpful. Answering all our questions. The crew cleaned up and was also courteous. The job was priced right.
Carolyn and Louis N. of Felton, DE
Monday, October 3rd
They did an incredible job. Took out all the blown in insulation and spray foamed whole attic. Making it a useable space for storage and helping to regulate the temperature in our home. Will be calling on them for future projects.
Jessica H. of Harrington, DE
Thursday, October 8th
Eid was such a wonderful person to work with. He covered all that amount of material and made it interesting. He is a person of integrity and I really appreciated that. He was very trusting of what he told me. The production crew was very conscientious, nice and helpful. They worked very hard, knew what they were doing and it [crawl space] looks great! Bubba had a great approach to make sure the work was quality work! Paula bought a wireless thermometer for the crawl space and installed it after the work was completed and she said the crawl space was 10 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. She was appreciative of the confidence in our company from the production crew, to the sales representative and even 3rd party reviews. 
Paula R. of Middletown, DE
Wednesday, November 18th
Hello Troy -   Just wanted to let you know that we received our Radon test results post mitigation installation.  If you recall, our basement is divided into three sections.  Two unfinished sections and the other finished.  We placed a test kit in each of the sections and closed the doors.  One test result was Less than .9pCi/L and the other two were 1.1pCi/L.   Nice job by the Lawson Team that installed the system!   Charlie DiPietroantonio    
Charles D. of Middletown, DE
Tuesday, February 20th
We really liked all the information we found on your site and the range of service you offer-- which is why we chose you! Our experience with your staff and crew was good, everyone was helpful and friendly. We were also pleased with the helpfulness of the technician who performed the work in our home.
Michael and Sheryl F. of Newark, DE
Tuesday, March 29th
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