Testimonials for Lawson Home Services

Jen B. from Harrington, DE describes her experience with Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva. Jen had plans to finish her attic and had it previously insulated with fiberglass bats, but the fiberglass soon began to develop mold problems. After researching online, she decided to call Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva and have the attic insulated with spray foam. Spray foam insulation insulates, air seals and helps control moisture in the attic. Proper moisture control prevents mold from coming back. Jennifer is very happy with the results and with the entire experience.
Jen B. of Harrington, DE
Monday, June 15th
  The crawl space under Boyd B.'s home in Harrington, DE was causing a myriad of problems for him and his wife. There was the overall temperature discomfort a lot of humidity could be felt throughout the house. The floors used to be very cold during the winter. When Boyd and his wife saw Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva at a home show, they decided to call them to fix the crawl space -- and they are very happy they did. The company delivered great service, from beginning to end and the results are noticeable, with great improvement in comfort and energy efficiency. "You were professional from the very beginning: the sales people to the installation -- and the product is doing exactly what you told us it would do. Actually in my opinion, doing more. We are very pleased" -- says Boyd. "Anyone who is experiencing similar type of problems that we've had should consider sitting down and talking to you folks about what you can do for them!"
Boyd B. of Harrington, DE
Tuesday, December 29th
Ron A. first learned about Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva and everything we do when visiting our booth at a local health fair. A few months later he was ready to call us in to get his Newark. DE home evaluated and solve some comfort issues they have been experienced. During the inspection, our technicians found some insulation deficiencies in the garage, the attic and the crawl space. There was also mold in the crawl space, something that Ron didn't know before the inspection. The garage was insulated and the attic received 25 extra inches of blown cellulose to bring it up to the recommended R-Value for the region. The crawl space was insulated, sealed and a dehumidifier now controls humidity in the area to keep mold from coming back.
Ron A. of Newark, DE
  The crawl space in Grethe C.' s Salisbury, MD home was encapsulated and insulated by Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva. She chose the company because, unlike other area competitors, Dr. Energy Saver was able to handle every phase of the project: encapsulation, dehumidification and insulation, as well as the installation of a crawl space door. In this video she talks about her experience with the company and the results achieved after the work was completed. The certified home performance specialist that came to her home was very thorough in his examination, diagnosis and explanation of the problems, as well as in showing her all the different options to fix them. She was also very impressed with the installation crew: "They were very good at cleaning up everything, putting it in plastic bags and taking it away. It was perfect. I did not have any mess in my lawn" she says. She was happy when the crew invited her to crawl under the house to inspect the finished crawl space. Since the project was finished she felt a big improvement in comfort. Her hardwood floors now are warm enough for her to walk on them barefoot during the winter.
Grethe C. of Salisbury, MD
Friday, June 13th
  Ruthea Miller is the owner of Miller Mauro, a successful Graphic Design studio in business for over 30 years in Wilmington, DE. In this video she speaks about her experience with Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva, and how the company helped turn an office remodeling nightmare into a New Year's day story to remember. It all started when her partner and husband called in some contractors to remove the ceiling above the kitchen in their Silverside Rd. office. When the ceiling was removed an 20-inch layer of loose-fill insulation fell all over the kitchen floor and created a messy dust cloud all over the building. It was a weekend at the end of December and Ruthea started to call companies for help with cleaning up the mess. Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva was the only company that called them back. Not being able to come on a Tuesday as scheduled due to an equipment problem, the company offered to come on New Year's Day for the cleanup, and so they did. After the thorough cleanup was performed, the kitchen and other areas of the building were also insulated with spray foam. According to Ruthea the difference in comfort is noticeable and the office is much warmer during the winter.
Ruth M. of Wilmington, DE
Wednesday, January 1st
Craig Z. was spending a lot of money -- roughly $50 dollars a day -- to heat his Milford, DE home in the wintertime. The company that installed his furnace then recommended Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva. The home performance technician came and performed a comprehensive home energy audit for free -- an experience that according to Craig was very informative. After auditing the property, the technician started to build a plan showing Craig all his options. "He gave us choices, which I rally appreciate" -- says Craig."Everything is itemized, there is an explanation why that is needed and each individual part of the work that is gonna be done with the price." Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva then sent the crew in to air seal and insulate the third floor and the basement. Craig was really impressed with the friendliness, professionalism, expertise ans honesty of the installers. "They actually found that something that they thought had to be done, didn't have to be done. So they were very honest about it, and they saved me about 800 or 900 dollars!That gives you even more faith on the job that they did." Since the job was performed, his home is much more comfortable and his energy bills are lower, As an added bonus, his wife, who used to suffer from asthma and indoor allergies, has experienced a noticeable improvement in her condition, thanks to the energy efficient dehumidifier installed in the basement, which rids the air of moisture, mold spores, dust mite pellets and other allergens.
Craig Z. of Milford, DE
Thursday, March 5th
  The crawl space in William and Norma M.'s Milford, DE home had all the typical problems you can find in a dirt, vented and uninsulated crawl space. There was mold, musty odors and a lot of discomfort during the winter time, all because of that crawl space. Dr. Energy Saver was the company they chose for the job and in this video the couple describes the entire experience with the company and the products they installed. "The musty odor is gone. The SaniDry I think is very nice. You don't have to empty the dehumidifier." -- says William . "I will give them a 10 because it turned out really well" -- he adds.
Norma & William M. of Milford, DE
Mike and the crew were great. I didn't know that they could do so much. I was expecting to see several different teams show up to handle this job. The quality of their work is outstanding and the level of care given to keeping things in order was very much appreciated. They took great care in not disturbing my wife and I and the three dogs during the job. They treated our house as if they were working in their own homes and this was also much appreciated. They were very friendly and courteous to us and present a wonderful face to your company. Our first real contact with Dr. Energy Saver was with Joe. We were impressed with his most thorough and detailed audit of our house. He took time to explain the situation and the solutions available. He was most accommodating when we needed to make a last minute addition to the job and got it fitted into the schedule. He was always available to answer our questions along the way. He has a very warm and kind way about him and we felt like we were dealing with a good friend. All in all we are very happy with Dr. Energy Saver and are looking forward to enjoying an improved living condition in our home. Thanks so much for being a quality organization.
Ronald S. of Milton, DE
Thursday, August 21st
Only eighteen months after moving to his new home in Milton, DE, Mr. Ford began to feel that he needed to do something about the cold, damp and uncomfortable floors. After doing some research he decided to call Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva for help. He was very impressed with the company from the start, when the Home Performance technician came and performed a through evaluation of his home using state-of-the art diagnostic tools and processes. When he finally sat with the technician at the kitchen table, there was no pushy sales pitch. "It was a great educational experience for both my dad and I. We learned about a lot of things we didn't know, things that we could fix ourselves and make some improvements " - he says. To fix the problem, Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva recommended sealing the entire crawl space with the CleanSpace system, to control moisture and keep cold air from getting into the space and sucked into the rooms above it. Mr. Ford is very pleased with the entire experience and very happy with the results in terms of comfort and energy efficiency since the crawl space encapsulation job was completed.
William F. of Milton, DE
Friday, April 17th
http://www.delmarvadrenergysaver.com | 1-877-304-9769 When Cathy T. from Milton, DE called Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva, she just wanted to know what could be done to make her home energy efficient. Upon thoroughly inspecting the property, our certified energy conservation technicians detected not only sources of energy waste; they also found other issues that if left untreated could lead to bigger problems and costlier repairs such as high humidity and mold problems in the crawl space. To solve these problems the crawl space was sealed, insulated and conditioned to control moisture and prevent mold growth. The attic was professionally air sealed and brought up to Department of Energy Attic R-Value recommendations with and additional layer of blown insulation. Cathy is very pleased with the experience she had with the company and with the results. 
Cathy T. of Milton, DE
Joy G.'s home in Ocean City, MD was very poorly insulated. She first contacted Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva to have the craw space sealed and insulated, but after our certified energy conservation technician performed a thorough evaluation the plan changed. Based on the test results, she realized that the attic had to be don first, to prevent all the air she was paying to heat from escaping through the roof. Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva used blown cellulose in the attic, to bring the R-Value up to the recommendations of the U.S. Department of Energy in MD. Joy was positively impressed with the entire experience and very happy with the results.
Joy G. of Ocean City, MD
Hello everyone!  I wanted to pass this along in case anyone was interested in having their home checked through this special incentive.  Since we moved in, we have had challenges with high propane bills, drafty rooms, air leakage, etc and wanted to get a professional audit so I could figure out ways to conserve and be more comfortable.  We had our audit done today.  Our Energy Consultant was Kevin Knowles from "Dr. Energy Saver."  He did an extremely thorough audit of the whole house which included an evaluation of the crawl space, attic, blower door test (to test for actual percentage of air leakage), and he used thermal imaging to detect areas of missing/low insulation and leakage in walls and around base boards.  He was extremely knowledgeable, and I could tell he took his job seriously and cared about giving us great customer service.  Generous tax credits and rebates from Delmarva are anticipated for 2012, so any work you may want to have done will become more affordable as well as increase comfort and allow the potential to save on monthly energy bills. If you call, please ask for Kevin and tell them Tina and Brandon Squibb sent you!  Good luck, Tina :0)
Tina S. of Centreville, MD
Monday, January 2nd
Just wanted to let you know how pleased my wife and I are with our new crawlspace encapsulation. We were certainly impressed with the entire process from the presentation by Mike Brittingham to the product installation by Sean Cronin and Harry Harrison. They were all very friendly and very professional. 
Fred & Pam E. of Centreville, MD
Monday, December 10th
Gary, We thank you for your attention to our project. We are truly hopeful that this process will make for a safer home for our infant grandchild and that his respiratory problems will be minimized with the removal of the mold. Thank you for the extra work you put into making sure the job was done right. Thanks again, Trish C.
Patricia & Charles C. of Ridgely, MD
Monday, October 6th
The office staff was courteous and helpful. Answering all our questions. The crew cleaned up and was also courteous. The job was priced right.
Carolyn and Louis N. of Felton, DE
Monday, October 3rd
They did an incredible job. Took out all the blown in insulation and spray foamed whole attic. Making it a useable space for storage and helping to regulate the temperature in our home. Will be calling on them for future projects.
Jessica H. of Harrington, DE
Thursday, October 8th
Eid was such a wonderful person to work with. He covered all that amount of material and made it interesting. He is a person of integrity and I really appreciated that. He was very trusting of what he told me. The production crew was very conscientious, nice and helpful. They worked very hard, knew what they were doing and it [crawl space] looks great! Bubba had a great approach to make sure the work was quality work! Paula bought a wireless thermometer for the crawl space and installed it after the work was completed and she said the crawl space was 10 degrees warmer than the outside temperature. She was appreciative of the confidence in our company from the production crew, to the sales representative and even 3rd party reviews. 
Paula R. of Middletown, DE
Wednesday, November 18th
We really liked all the information we found on your site and the range of service you offer-- which is why we chose you! Our experience with your staff and crew was good, everyone was helpful and friendly. We were also pleased with the helpfulness of the technician who performed the work in our home.
Michael and Sheryl F. of Newark, DE
Tuesday, March 29th
Dr. Energy Saver completed my crawlspace encapsulation and I wanted to write and tell you that I’m more than pleased with the results. The work was clean, efficient, and completed on time. The benefits I have received are far more than expected. I was promised a more comfortable and healthier home with excellent quality products and that’s exactly what I’ve received. After researching the quality of products your company used and also comparing prices I knew I made the right decision going with Dr. Energy Saver. I meet with your inspector (David Lawson) and he was straightforward with his thoughts on the issues in my crawlspace. He listened to my concerns and what I wanted to achieve by having my crawlspace encapsulated and made suggestions on how best to handle “my situation”. David explained to me why it was important to have the Whole Home Checkup and not just look at the crawlspace. Like David explained to me “Prescription without Proper Diagnosis is Malpractice”. I’m glad he did otherwise I would have missed some very important things that had a “huge” impact on the issues I was experiencing. His thorough inspection reassured me that he listened to my concerns.  After the inspection David went through all the pictures he had taken and explained exactly what the issue was and even explained how it was going to be fixed. After talking over his findings and his recommendations we found the best option for me and we scheduled the work to be completed right away. The install crew (Sean & Harry) were just as courteous as David said they would be. When they arrived Sean reviewed the project with me and went over what was going to happen and made sure that all my questions were answered. They wore protective booties on their shoes when they entered my house and put down a drop cloth in the area they were working. The cleanup was remarkable, I was told that the crew would keep the area clean but I didn’t expect to see the area cleaner than before they started. They were very respectful of me and my house and I am so happy I chose Dr. Energy Saver! Thank you so much Dr. Energy Saver!
Rachel M. of Bridgeville, DE
Friday, January 11th
Dr. Energy Saver provides great service for a reasonable price. The crew (Jim & Thomas) were courteous, hardworking, and answered all my questions about what they were doing and why.
Carolyn & Tony D. of Dover, DE
Monday, May 9th
The team you sent was very quiet, quick and efficient. They were busy all day, very polite and personable. They showed me their progress, told me what they were doing and kept me informed. I was very pleased with the service I received and it looks just like the pictures they showed me in the pamphlet. I couldn’t be happier! I would certainly recommend Dr. Energy Saver. 
Debbie G. of Dover, DE
Tuesday, December 1st
Just two of the reasons we chose Dr. Energy Saver was the innovative products that they offer and the knowledge they demonstrated about home performance and how they could fix the issues we were having.
Susan K. of Seaford, DE
Thursday, June 23rd
1. Can you share the problem you had with your home that prompted you to call Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva? The problem we have with our home is the insulation in the attic and in the crawl space is outdated and damaged. That, along with the way our home was built, leaves our rooms extremely cold in the winter and very hot in the summer months which means we have higher utility bills in order to keep the home warm or cool.  2. Can you share with us your experience with the crew? My experience with the crew was great. We didn't know we had a water pipe leaking in the crawl space. The foreman of the crew took pictures and informed me of the problem. He then offered to cap off the pipe for me if I could go to the store and purchase the part. This saved me the money from having to call a plumber which would have also halted the project. Also, we had previously paid someone else to remove the old insulation from the crawl space and we found out that the job had not been fully completed. The crew removed the remaining insulation for me (for an additional charge). My only gripe is that the actual costs of removing the insulation had not been discussed.  3. Can you share with us your experience with the office staff? The office staff went above and beyond to work with my family. We hit a financial snag which meant we couldn't keep the payment schedule we had originally arranged. They were very understanding and did what they could to accommodate our situation and work out a new plan.  4. Can you share with us your experience with your sales rep? Our sales rep, Kevin, was courteous and knew his business. He took his time to listen to what we needed and then did a thorough walk-through of our home. He came prepared with information sheets and materials so we could make the best decision on how to make our home more energy efficient.  5. Did we meet your full expectations? The Dr. Energy Saver staff has definitely met my expectations.  6. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest, what rating would you give us? 9.5 7. What would be the top 3 reasons you would tell a friend to hire Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva? I would recommend Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva to my friends because of the professionalism of the staff, the quality of services and because the overall experience was drama and hassle free. 8. Have you noticed any changes in the energy efficiency of your home? For example: lower utility costs? I have not yet noticed any change in my energy efficiency because we had to break the work up into phases. We still have a lot of work to be done which leaves a lot of areas that need improvements, including installing new insulation. With that being said, we will absolutely call on the Dr. Energy Saver team to come back out and do the remaining projects.  9. Why did you choose Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva versus another company? We chose Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva versus any other provider because when we had our meeting with the sales rep, he did such a great job with giving us the information we needed and actually showing us and explaining to us what our biggest problems were and how to fix them. We never got the sense that he was trying to sell us a dream or anything that we didn't absolutely need for our home.  10. Any last thoughts? I can't wait to get the rest of our projects completed so we can really see the difference in the energy efficiency of our home.
Ellisa C. of Magnolia, DE
Friday, November 13th
Mike was very easy to work with. I feel he listened to all of our questions and concerns and that he welcomes them. I appreciate all of your aids (videos, booklet, etc.) and meters to educate your clients and see the situation as it is. It leaves me feeling like I am making an informed decision and the structure of your policies is outstanding! Thank you!
Cathy R. of Hockessin, DE
Monday, October 5th
Butch spent a lot of time in the crawl space, looking everything over, did not rush through. Spent an equal amount of time answering all my questions. I felt very comfortable dealing with Butch.
James D. of Eden, MD
Wednesday, June 20th
From beginning contact through to the present time this company has been attentive to their job and to the homeowner. Of course how efficient the home is now after the air sealing has been done will be known after the winter season. But the summer air conditioning season seemed better in that total house air movement seemed less. Less drafts were felt.
Judy M. of Salisbury, MD
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