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Like many Des Moines, Iowa homeownwers, the chore of gutter cleaning is a twice-a-year task. Marlene and her husband are thrilled with their LeafGuard Gutters. We appreciate your business and thank you for taking time to chat about your experience. 
Marlene H. of Des Moines, IA
Tuesday, February 21st
Ben appreciates not having to clean out his gutters for last 5 years. We recently saw Ben at a local home and garden show and he was very happy to leave a review. Thank you for taking the time to talk about your home improvent experience with us.
Ben W. of Des Moines, IA
Monday, March 13th
We thank Steve for giving us a review of his LeafGuard Gutter installation and experience. 
Steve G. of Gilbert, IA
Sunday, June 12th
Ray says, "if LeafGuard Gutters work on his home, they certainly will work anywhere". If you live in a forest like Ray, chances are gutter maintenance is an annual task. With a LeafGuard gutter system, you will never have to clean out your gutters or worry about clogs again!
Ray T. of West Des Moines, IA
Tuesday, April 27th
Greg had over 120 feet of custom fitted, clog-free LeafGuard Gutters installed on his Waukee, Iowa home. Greg and his wife are relieved that they will never have to climb up a ladder to clean out their gutters. 
Greg R. of Waukee, IA
Monday, March 31st
I was looking for a way so I didn't have to clean my gutters, now I don't have to worry about it.  I looked at gutter guard and gutter helmet, I didn't trust the quality and didn't want them to mount it to my roof.  Overall it was a pleasant experience. 
Marshall E. of Colfax, IA
Thursday, April 20th
Cole was very good!  There was no concerns, it was a new maintenance shed.  They didn't fall short of our expectations at all.  We were very satisfied with everything.  There were no areas that we were dissatisfied in. The installation crew, and the salesman provided exceptional service.  
Ann & Lyle C. of Colfax, IA
Thursday, April 20th
My expectations were less than what I received.  I was satisfied across the board.  The workers and the salesperson, I cannot say enough of how pleased I am with them.  Everyone was very professional and knowledgeable, I could not of have been more pleased.  Both my husband and I are very happy. 
Terry & Victoria R. of Colfax, IA
Thursday, April 20th
I am most satisfied with the appearance and how quickly they addressed everything.  Everything was fantastic. 
Neil & DeAnna H. of Carlisle, IA
Thursday, April 20th
I was most satisfied with the quality of the materials they used and the technology of the product.  Adam was very personable.  
Paula & Claude S. of Carlisle, IA
Thursday, April 20th
Testimonial Photo by Nick L.
Adam was amazing!  He truly stands for this product and it shows.  He was correct!  They look amazing and perform amazing.  Our installers were amazing too!  My husband asked for pictures of the wood under our old gutters and they sent him photos at each step.
Nick L. of Des Moines, IA
Saturday, May 21st
They all did a great job. 
Jason H. of Story City, IA
Thursday, April 20th
The crew was great and I mean that guy who leads the crew was perfect.  Safe and clean spic and span OSHA perfect. 
Clark H. of Madrid, IA
Thursday, April 20th
I did not have any concerns and they did everything very well.  They did not fall short of my expectations.  I was most satisfied with the way the work was performed.  I considered some local contractors. I chose LeafGuard Exteriors because I thought they were going to do more of a quality job. 
John S. of Dallas Center, IA
Wednesday, April 19th
I never considered anyone else.  A friend recommended them.  I did a little research on them and then gave them a call. 
Wendell S. of Woodward, IA
Thursday, April 20th
We just looked at other basic companies.  I liked LeafGuard for their good housekeeping lifetime guarantee and that it is transferred with the sale of the house.  
Eric P. of Winterset, IA
Tuesday, April 25th
LeafGuard Exteriors did good work.  We are pleased with what they did, especially with the downspouts that we can lift up when my husband cuts the grass. 
Debra & Michael D. of Ogden, IA
Wednesday, April 19th
Robert said he enjoyed having Billy and Rob there.  They did a great job.  They were nice and personable.
Robert T. of Swea City, IA
Wednesday, April 19th
Emmett said the guys were great!! (Chris and Roch) He said to hang on to them and give them a raise!
Emmett L. of Glidden, IA
Wednesday, April 19th
He is extremely happy said the guys worked hard and got it done in one day.  They had heavy rains and the section he was worried about worked great!
Carl S. of West Point, IA
Friday, April 14th
Total testimonials : 202
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