Job review from in Washington, DC 20018 on 11/30/20

Overall Rating:

5  out of 5
How knowledgeable was the energy adviser
Jack was friendly and patient as he explained what options were available to us.
Did the energy adviser explain his findings
Jack took care to examine our home setup before making recommendations.
Was the energy adviser friendly
Jack was extremely considerate of us and our home, taking care to cover his shoes while indoors and wearing a mask at all times.
How pleased were you with the experience
I would highly recommend Jack and complete home solutions based on the assessment and quote process. Unfortunately, the price point for the work is above our budget so we won't be able to comment on any work done.

What did they learn that was most surprising:

Jack explained building code standards and what was required by law to be in our walls—between my neighbor's house and my own—and how those codes have changed over time. Understanding how little insulation was required when the house was built makes all the noise pollution we experience from our neighbors much more understandable.
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