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Your local home insulation company in Bowie, MD is Complete Home Solutions

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Are some rooms in your home too hot or too cold? Are you paying more than you should for heating and cooling utilities? You might be surprised at how small improvements can make a big difference in your home's (and wallet's) comfort potential. Contact your local Dr. Energy Saver home energy improvement contractor today!

Home Energy Audits   

We help you have a more comfortable, energy-efficient home with a comprehensive home energy audit. After the inspection, we walk through your Bowie home with you showing you areas to improve and how to improve them.

Evaluations Include:
  • Air Leak Inspection 
  • Thermal Scanning
  • Detailed Explanation    

  • Blower Door (Infiltrometer) Test
  • Insulation Level Check
  • Appliance & Lighting Checks

Insulating Your Bowie Home

Our experienced residential insulation professionals can help keep your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer by correctly installing the right type of insulation.

Types of Insulation
  • Spray Foam
  • Blown-in
  • Blown-in Cellulose       
  • Rigid Foam
  • Radiant Barrier  
  • Sealing Air Leaks
  • Air Duct Sealing
Areas of Home
  • Attics
  • Basements
  • Crawl Spaces
  • Garages
  • Walls

Recent job requests for Dr. Energy Saver in Bowie, MD:

Project Location: Water Port Ct, Bowie, 20721

Comment: Always feels cold in the house and when I turn the heat up it is either two cold or gets to hot. Feel drafty.

Project Location: Bawtry Court, Bowie, 20715

Search Request: attic insulation installation

Comment: Would like to a free estimate to save energy in my attic. I am getting moisture in the attic

Project Location: Shadow Ln, Bowie, 20715

Comment: Looking for estiamte for air-sealing attic and laying natural wool insulation

Project Location: Jennings Mill Dr, Bowie, 20721

Comment: Flap repair in basement metal duct work and replace/repair plastic attic duct work.

Project Location: Pinelake Lane, Bowie, 20716

Comment: I recently moved into bowie, into a cape cod style house, and heating is a horrible issue the upstairs is sweltering and downstairs is cold also the previous owner had an addition added to the house and its even colder back there.

Project Location: Amethyst Lane, Bowie, 20716

Comment: Need separate estimate on spray foam insulation for attic and an unfinished room.

Project Location: Meiers Endeavor Drive, Bowie, 20720

Comment: Garage ceiling with room above.

Project Location: Eightpenny Lane, Bowie, 20716

Comment: Need inspection of ductwork done to identify tears and cracks in ducts as well as cleaning.

Project Location: 8005Driscoll Drive, Bowie, 20720

Search Request: dr. energy saver

Comment: Installation in attic and over the garage

Project Location: Aberdeens Folly Ct, Bowie, 20720

Comment: We have some ghosting or thermal tracking on an interior wall along the horizontal drywall seam. Its a newer home, built in Spring 2015. We're unsure if the dark line is actually ghosting, and if it is on how to fix and how to check if there also might be mold. At this point, we'd like to get a free estimate and possible inspection to get a professional's opinion on the issue. Thank you.

Project Location: PLEASANT VIEW DR, Bowie, 20720

Comment: Constantly losing heat all over the house. Master bedroom is at least 6 degrees colder than other bedrooms Family room with 17 foot ceilings is another 6 degrees colder than the study

Project Location: Nemo Court, Bowie, 20716

Comment: Checking my attic insulation in my house

Project Location: Jorrick Ct, Bowie, 20721

Comment: 2nd Floor too warm, duct work in attic, too little insulation in attic

Project Location: Caribon St, Bowie, 20721

Comment: Heating bills extremely high some rooms are cold in winter than others poor insulation

Project Location: Applegreen Lane, Bowie, 20716

Comment: Cold bathroom floor. wall facing attic is cold.

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