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Solatube in Calabash

While attending the Myrtle Beach Home Shows, this family discovered a solatube display and approached Carolina Energy Conservation. They were attracted to the solatube as a way to bring more natural light into their home. It turned out to be the perfect choice for them. The solatube design allows natural light to enter the home without causing any damage to floors or furniture. Additionally, it features a softening lens that reduces harsh midday summer light and maximizes weaker winter rays, providing a comfortable amount of light throughout the year. With it installed, they will have more natural light within their home, making their home more energy efficient in the process. 

Solatube Transformation in a Bathroom in Little River, SC

It is wonderful to make a homeowner's day brighter and we did just that in Little River, South Carolina. This new construction home was almost perfect and the homeowner knew exactly what she wanted: A Solatube in both the bathroom and hallway. She had Solatubes in her previous home. "It is wonderful to go throughout the day without turning on lights in every room." We did it again, the natural light is such a beautiful addition to her home. 

Spray Foam in Little River, SC

This Little River customer had concerns about the temperature within their storage units and wished to regulate the temperature to make them more comfortable while staying energy efficient. To address this issue and prevent heat from seeping into the units, Carolina Energy Conservation installed closed-cell spray foam. This type of insulation is an excellent choice due to its high R-value of about 6.0 per inch. It acts as a great insulator, preventing heat seepage and regulating internal temperature by sealing any gaps and leaks within the walls and ceilings, effectively locking out hot air. With the spray foam in place, the units are now well-insulated and will have better energy efficiency and temperature regulation. 

Solatube in Little River

A homeowner in Little River wanted to bring more light into an extra room in their house. They reached out to Carolina Energy Conservation for a solution and decided that the best option for them was to install a solatube. Solatubes not only brightened the room but also added natural light to a windowless space. Due to their design, they also prevent sunlight from bleaching floors and furniture. It also reflects light to allow for constant and bright light year-round, making for an effective and efficient light source. With the Solatube installed, this family will have more natural light in their home. 

Solatube installation in North Myrtle Beach

Our customer had a very dark kitchen area that they wanted to brighten up all year round. They installed a 14 inch Solatube to bring in natural daylight and brighten up the kitchen and breakfast area. The Solatube installed in less than two hours. Now this customer will have Solatube beautiful daylight in their kitchen area all year round. This makes their home brighter and more cheerful. 

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