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Home Environment Solutions is a full service insulation contractor specializing in home energy audits to detect where your home is wasting energy and offers the solutions needed to fix it. They provide insulation for attics, basements, garages and crawl spaces as well as air sealing and duct sealing to be sure your home is airtight.

Home Environment Solutions is also your local company in Ohio & West Virginia for mold removal to ensure your home environment is the best it can be.

Contact the experts at Home Environment Solutions to schedule a free estimate for any of the following services:

  • Home Energy Audits
  • Insulation Services
  • Air Sealing
  • Weatherization
  • Mold Removal
  • Blower Door Tests
  • And More!

Home Environment Solutions' services are available in Ohio & West Virginia in Wheeling, Weirton, Follansbee and Youngstown, New Philadelphia, and Dover. Call today for your free consultation!

By Nancy Y.
By Ron W.
By Rick L.
By Justin B.
Lee U.
Dawson, PA
I just can't speak highly enough about the crew, they were awesome !
Carol D.
Brackenridge, PA
I can't complain. They were fantastic!
Carolyn D.
Brackenridge, PA
Wanted to let you know how pleased that I still am with the results of your work in our home. It was all well worth the dollars spent.
Home Environment Solutions Before & After
  • Noise Insulation in Brackenridge, PA
    Noise Insulation in Brackenridge, PA

    Noise Insulation in Brackenridge, PA

    Owner Carol D of Brackenridge, PA was looking for a solution to reduce the road noise from the high traffic street in front of her home.  Carol was also concerned about losing storage space in her knee wall attic.

    Mark O. proposed insulating the attic with sound reducing TruSoft cellulose insulation and insulating the knee wall with Cotton Armor insulation batts.

    Foreman Mike Y. and his team Craig C. and Zach T. air sealed and insulated the attic to R60.  In the knee wall attic the team removed the 60 year old paper insulation and replaced it with Cotton Armor insulation held in place with insulweb.

    The owner said she can’t believe what a difference it’s made both with the comfort of the bedroom and the sound.

  • Cape Cod Knee Wall Insulation Upgrade Brackenridge, PA
    Cape Cod Knee Wall Insulation Upgrade Brackenridge, PA

    Cape Cod Knee Wall Insulation Upgrade Brackenridge, PA

    If you own a Cape Cod home its likely that you are experiencing extreme temperature differences from your down stairs to your upstairs.  At Home Environment Solutions we know why you are experiencing these temperature differences and we have your solution to the problem.  Cape Cod homes are built with Knee Walls upstairs which can be tricky to insulate.  If not insulated correctly these areas become gaping air leaks causing havoc on the heating and cooling of your house.  Call us today for a free home evaluation.   

  • Clean Attic Storage and New Insulation for this Bethel Park, PA Home Owner
    Clean Attic Storage and New Insulation for this Bethel Park, PA Home Owner

    Clean Attic Storage and New Insulation for this Bethel Park, PA Home Owner

    High energy bills and a need for clean storage lead this Bethel Park, PA customer to Home Environment Solutions.  After doing a free full home energy audit, HES discovered insufficient and deteriorating fiberglass insulation in the attic.  This is no surprise,  the North American Insulation Manufacturer Association (NAIMA) says that 90% of all single family homes are under insulated.  

    HES cleaned out the old deteriorating insulation, air sealed, and insulated using Tru-Soft Cellulose Insulation. Particle board was used to dam the insulation and create clean storage for this customer.  

    Not only can the customer store all of their belongings safely, but they will be saving on their energy bills, too!


  • Replacing Dirty Attic Insulation In Pittsburgh, PA
    Replacing Dirty Attic Insulation In Pittsburgh, PA

    Replacing Dirty Attic Insulation In Pittsburgh, PA

    This Pittsburgh, PA home owner had a dust problem in her home along with cold rooms and high energy bills. Insufficient insulation allows dust to seep into your home from many different places. Home Environment Solutions removed all of this home owners old dirty insulation and air sealed all there air penetration points.  Air sealing is as important as the insulation itself.  This is what separates Home Environment Solutions from its competitors. Are competitors blow on top of old insulation.  After the air sealing was completed we blew 17" of Tru-Soft Cellulose insulation into this home owners attic.  

    No more dust problems, no more cold rooms, and no more high energy bills.  Home Environment Solutions Creating Healthy, Comfortable, Efficient Homes! 

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Humanity Award

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