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Crawl Space Access Installation in Harrington, DE

This homeowner wanted an easier way to get in and out of their crawl space.  After calling Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva and meeting with one of our Certified Home Comfort Specialists, the homeowner decided on a great product we offer called the TURTL.  The only one of it's kind, the TURTL is an airtight, watertight and lockable crawl space access system that will not rust, rot or ever need painting.  This wonderful product even comes in a variety of colors making it an aesthetically pleasing and useful addition to any home.

Creating a Conditioned Attic in Harrington, DE

Homeowners in Harrington, DE wanted to create a conditioned attic out of their vented attic. 

These homeowners had dirty and old attic insulation that needed to be removed. After the many months or years that insulation sits in the attic, it collects dirt, dust, rodents, etc. 

Not only did they need new their old insulation removed, they also needed a product that would properly insulate their vented attic. 

Vented attics can reach extreme temperatures do to air leakage. This causes the attic to not be suitable for storage as well as causes high utility costs.  

Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva has installed closed cell spray foam in layers along the bottom of the roof deck and sealed to the perimeter of the ceiling. This creates an airtight cap which stops air from leaking in or out of the attic. 

After spray foam insulation, the attic can be used for storage, the home is less drafty and it helps lower utility costs. 

Attic Insulation Upgrade in Bear, DE

This homeowner contacted Dr. Energy Saver Delmarva stating, "We are losing the battle with heating our home." To find a solution to their comfort issues we sent Home Comfort Specialist Michael Alicknavitch to do an inspection of their entire home. In doing so, he found that the attic lacked an adequate amount of insulation as well as air sealing. The production crew removed the old insulation, air sealed the attic and installed blown-in cellulose insulation.

Crawl Space Repairs in Bear, DE

This homeowner in Bear, DE was experiencing a cold, damp basement as well as high electric bills. 

This uncomfortableness in their home was caused by their Vented Crawl Space with a dirt floor. This allows cold air to be leaked into the home in the winter months and warm air in the summer months. This causes high condensation creating mold growth and wood rots.

Dr. Energy Saver has created a simple solution to their problem by using a CleanSpace Encapsulation system. All air leaks to the outside are sealed with insulated vents. The result is warmer floors, lower humidity in the crawlspace and lower electric bills. 

Not only are all problems matched by Dr. Energy Saver, but now the homeowners are energy efficient while saving money.

Newark Delaware Attic Insulation Upgrade

Adding additional insulation to this Newark, Delaware home increased comfort for the homeowner. Hot, upstairs rooms are no longer an issue for the New Castle resident.

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