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SuperAttic Insulation Keeps This Kennedyville, Maryland Attic Cool

This Kent County couple wanted a way to keep the attic cooler during the summer and warmer in the winter. The Dr. Energy Saver SuperAttic® Conversion System was the answer. The SuperAttic Insulation keeps the HVAC system protected from the harmful tempertures of the summer heat with the radiant barrier installed on both sides of the insulation panels.

SilverGlo Attic Insulation in Cambridge, MD

After these homeowner's had an energy evaluation performed on their home they were shocked at the results.  Their main problem was in the attic because it was under insulated and not properly sealed.  Therefore, it was losing a lot of energy.  They chose to have our SilverGlo rigid foam board insulation with radiant barrier installed. SilverGlo will not only insulate their Cambridge, MD home preventing unwanted air and temperatures in through the attic, it will also reflect indoor temperatures back into the home keeping them more comfortable while using less energy!

Insulating an Attic in Ridgely, Maryland

Dr. Energy Saver has fixed uncomfortable homes throughout Delmarva for over 6 years. This home here in Ridgely, Maryland was no different.

Without the proper air sealing and insulation, air leaked out of the living quarters of the home and into the attic. Causing the cost of home ownership to rise.

Dr. Energy Saver has air sealed and insulated this attic to restrict any air movement from leaving out through the attic and another satisfied homeowner!

A home that is too warm in the summer.

The second floor of Rick’s home was uncomfortable in the summer.  They had central air conditioning but the upstairs just never seemed to be cool enough.  Upon inspection we noticed that the R-value, a measure of the resistance to heat flow, could definitely use some improvement.  His attic also wasn’t air sealed.  Can lights, electrical penetrations, and top plates were causing unnecessary air flow.


We removed their existing insulation, air sealed the attic, and installed 17-inches of cellulose insulation providing them with the recommended R-value of 60 (over twice their previous insulation level).  With their attic reaching between 100 and 120℉ in the summertime, this new insulation will reduce the heat transfer happening and cool the second floor of their home making it more comfortable in the summer.  An added plus is they’ll also require less energy to keep the home heated in the winter.


Attic Insulation in Hurlock, MD

This Hurlock, MD home was suffering from a lack of insulation. Lawson Home Services was able to assist the homeowners by removing the old insulation and replacing it with new. 

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