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Improving the HVAC efficiency of an home in Chestertown, Maryland

Homeowners in Chestertown, Maryland noticed the inefficiency of their HVAC unit inside of their attic not properly keeping the living space comfortable during the winter time. The attic temperature read at below 30 degrees. 

Dr. Energy Saver came out and inspected the home and informed the homeowners of the issue that they were facing. With their HVAC unit being inside of the cold attic, heating those duct lines were taking longer than expected and not properly being heated to the temperature of the thermostat. 

Our production team came right out and got to work. We installed our SunChuter Radiant Barrier which is installed right between the roof trusses. This will create an air space above it and reflect much of the roofs heat. We also air sealed the air penetrations and insulated the attic well above the required state amount. This will make the home a lot more comfortable, the HVAC unit will not run as much, and lowers the electric bills!

Improving Indoor Air Quality inside of a home in Oxford, Maryland

Homeowner in Oxford, Maryland wanted to improve his crawlspace conditions. He noticed the abrupt climate change when he looked inside of his crawl space and knew it was time to do something about it. He called out Dr. Energy Saver who came out and inspected the crawlspace finding multiple reasons why the homeowner were not very satisfied with his current crawlspace conditions. 

Dr. Energy Saver came out and encapsulated their crawlspace. By removing the previous damp insulation , spray foaming the rim joist which will reduce heat loss and infiltration of cold air, adding CleanSpace with SilverGlo on the walls which lowers the humidity levels, a Sedona dehumidifier, and finishing it up with our patent EverLast CrawlSpace Door.

Overall, this lowers the humidity inside of the crawlspace, much warmer floors in the winter, and lowers fuel and electric bills! 

Crawl Space & Duct Cleaning in Centreville, MD.

Clean crawl space and proper duct work is very important for better living in the home. A vented dirt crawl space raises your cooling and heating cost by 15% to 25%. The installation shown here consists of CleanSpace® vapor barrier that is put down in multiple layers to completely seal off the home from ground.

Reducing musty and odd odors in Centreville, Maryland

In Centreville, Maryland homeowners were suffering from an abrupt odor coming from their crawlspace into the home. With three children living inside of the home, the owners knew it was apparent to get this problem fixed and fixed quickly. 

They called out Dr. Energy Saver to find out exactly what the problem was and what were the necessary steps to take in order to fix this issue. As the visit ensued, homeowners briefed our In Home Comfort Specialist on exactly what issues they were facing. After crawling down into the crawlspace, the odor underneath was very crude and was in need of our services.

Our production team then went out and first, removed the dirty, smelly, and musty insulation that reeked throughout the home. Next, we took the proper precautions in making sure the humidity levels did not reach the level of condensation. We installed our CleanSpace Encapsulation System with Drainage Matting and Silverglo insulation on the walls. This prevents high humidity levels, much warmer floors for the homeowners, a more comfortable home, and lowers the fuel and electric bills. 

Homeowners could smell the difference once the insulation was pulled from their crawl space and are very happy that they did not have to bear with disgusting odors anymore and a more healthy lving environment for their children. 

SuperAttic Insulation Keeps This Kennedyville, Maryland Attic Cool

This Kent County couple wanted a way to keep the attic cooler during the summer and warmer in the winter. The Dr. Energy Saver SuperAttic® Conversion System was the answer. The SuperAttic Insulation keeps the HVAC system protected from the harmful tempertures of the summer heat with the radiant barrier installed on both sides of the insulation panels.

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