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Home energy efficiency can be a confusing subject. Knowing what improvements to make isn't always apparent and getting the desired results isn't always easy. Indiana Home Comfort Solutions is your home energy contractor specializing in all the services needed to increase comfort and diminish energy expenses.

Their in-depth home energy audit can identify what upgrades will promote the maximum amount of comfort while saving you money on your bills, all within an affordable budget. They proudly offer their services throughout the Central Indiana area, including Indianapolis, Brownsburg, Carmel, Pittsboro, Jamestown, Avon, Danville, Zionsville, and nearby.

    Services offered:
  • Home insulation services for the attic and crawl space
  • Home energy audits
  • Hot water systems
  • Heating and cooling systems
  • Ductwork sealing and repair
  • Residential services
By Vincent L.
By Doug & Michelle R.
By Matt Loar
"Fantastic visit today for the Aeroseal application! Brad was extremely knowledgeable about what he..."
By Jeff T.
"You guys are great!!"
Elizabeth W.
Carmel, IN
Bob was very professional. Came into the home because we are experiencing major temperature changes in our upstairs bonus room
Michele T.
Zionsville, IN
You guys are great!! We still appreciate you finding out that our ClimateMaster is under warrenty. Thanks!! Justin is the most knowledgable and efficient tech...
Bob R.
Lebanon, IN
I am very satisfied with the job Indiana Home Comfort Solutions completed!
Indiana Home Comfort Solutions Before & After
  • Cantilever Sealed! Carmel, IN
    Cantilever Sealed! Carmel, IN

    Cantilever Sealed! Carmel, IN

    Cantilevers can be problematic if poorly insulated like the one shown here but typically if its out of sight, its out of mind. That is why we opened up the cantilevers to reveal minimal insulation and lots of gaps making it clear how much this Carmel home is losing air they paid to heat/cool their home and gaining air from the outside. Just look at all those gaps in the before photo! Now look at the after photo, not much air getting through that! Indiana Home Comfort Solutions provided this home with a solution that works. By installing SilverGlo™ rigid foam insulation panels then sealing them air tight with expanding spray foam insulation the cantilevers will no longer cause the homeowners problems. 
  • Basement Window Upgrade in Zionsville, IN
    Basement Window Upgrade in Zionsville, IN

    Basement Window Upgrade in Zionsville, IN

    The T. family of Zionsville loved using their basement to work together on various projects, such as building and assembling trains. However, the spacious area was drafty, cold, and poorly lit making it difficult to enjoy their favorite passtime. Indiana Home Comfort Solutions replaced their old basement window and window well to resolve the issue. The L. family were pleased with the solution and were happy to receive a window that allowed more sun light to come through while still sufficiently blocking air flow.
  • Chimney Gap in  Lebanon, IN
    Chimney Gap in  Lebanon, IN

    Chimney Gap in Lebanon, IN

    Just look at all of the space around that chimney pipe! This gap was causing problems for the S. family of Lebanon, IN. They had Indiana Home Comfort Solutions come out to insulation in their attic. Before the insulation could properly be installed, they had to seal the chimney first. The gap around the chimney was sealed using sheet metal and fire caulk, then a Rock Wool sleeve was installed around the metal pipe. This seals all air leaks and gaps and around the chimney to add value and increase insulation efficiency. 
  • Cantilever Insulation in Indianapolis, IN
    Cantilever Insulation in Indianapolis, IN

    Cantilever Insulation in Indianapolis, IN

    Unhappy with their high utility bills, this Indianapolis family called Indiana Home Comfort Solutions to provide them with a solution. It was discovered that they had a lot of air flow coming from the Cantilevers on the porch. That area was not insulated, allowing air to flow in and out of the home easily. The cantilevers were insulated by installing blocks of SilverGlo foam boards then covered with expanding spray foam insulation to properly seal the area and stop air flow. 
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Parts & Supplies Award

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Ducted Systems Academy

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BBB Accredited Business

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