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Replaced Flapper for Toilet in Martinsville, NJ

A customer in Martinsville, NJ called into Pipe Works Services about a problem with her toilet. Our techinican Mario replaces Toto flapper on toilet located in master bathroom and adjusted the fill valve water level.

New Insulation for Crawlspace in Martinsville, NJ

A new customer who found Pipe Works Services online was looking to insulate his crawl space.

Water Line Replacement in New Brunswick, NJ

A new customer in New Brunswick, NJ called Pipe Works Services with a low water pressure problem. Other companies informed them of a possible replacement of the water line. Pipe Works Services Senior Technician Lloyd was on the scene to provided an estimate to replace the water line. The customer choose us to replace the water line so technicians Jonny, Nick, Malik, and Washington used the bullet process to create a underground trench. They shot the bullet from the basement towards the street and replaced the water line. Since the water line was repaired, pressure was regulated going from the street to the house and they were able to save money on their bills.

New Drain in Chester, NJ

A resident in Chester, NJ called Pipe Works Services about an issue with her kitchen sink drain line. The resident said it was clogged up. Our technician Zach attempted snaking it but the line fell loose and fell off the fixture. Zach proceeded to install a new drain line.

Thermostat Replacement

Customer called in after noticing his boiler was no longer turning on . Our technician Matthew was able to come and diagnosis exactly what was going on. After finding out that the thermostat was the culprit , Matthew then went over what options the customer had. Matthew was able to have the thermostat replaced with a brand new HoineyWell  Programable thermostat model 8463 ,and the heat was back up and running within an hour. Another satisfied customer here at PipeWorksServices Inc. 

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