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Clogged Kitchen Sink

Customer called in after noticing a back up of their kitchen sink. They did  try a couple different methods but knew the had to call in an expert. There was only one expert to call . Dwight who is our drain specialist was able to come out and immediately address the issue. He was able to get right to work to rectify the issue. Dwight completed the work and has the customer back up and running within a matter of hours. 

New HVAC System in Basking Ridge

In Basking Ridge, NJ, Pipeworks Home Services installed a new Armstrong Air condenser. We were dispatched to give the estimate and came to the conclusion that installing a new system would be necessary. 

Leak Inside Vanity and New HVAC System in Basking Ridge

A customer called pipeworks home services to get a leak checked out and that there HVAC and water heater needed replacement. We came out to install a new HVAC system with water heater. The customer was amazed at the work that we did!

Power Vent Water Heater Installation in Basking Ridge

A customer called in about her water heater. Pipeworks Home Services discovered that her 50 gallon power vent water heater was leaking internally. The customer connected a hose and started draining the water heater prior to my arrival. Our technician Chris, capped off 1/2" copper line for recirculation line. He installed 2 new 1" ball valves to isolate leaking water heater, then turned the water back on to the house and opened shutoff on recirculation pump. PipeWorks installed new water heaters and she's back running again

Rheem Water Heater Replacement in Basking Ridge, NJ

Customer called in wanting to be proactive on replacing her water heater. she noticed while doing laundry that it was starting to show signs of breaking down. The customer was only available during Saturday due to her crazy work week. that is not a problem for us here at Pipe Works. We do accommodate customer whenever they are available. Our plumber Chris came out and went over all options with the customer from repair to replacement. The customer knew the water heater was on borrowed time at this point being more than 12 years old. Chris was able to have the customer back up and running with a new Rheem water heater within hours. 

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