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Don and his wife got started with Halco after hearing a HeatSmart Tompkins ad about heat pumps on the radio. They were interested in learning about more efficient ways to heat their home, so they filled out an application and were put in touch with Halco. From insulation and air sealing to a new heat pump systems and basement waterproofing, Halco helped this couple completely renovate their home! They have been extremely happy with Halco and our team from start to finish!
Don B. of Erin, NY
Tuesday, November 23rd
I am super excited about the crawlspace. Joe suggested I email Hal Smith too. I hadn’t sat down to do it yet, so he’s getting copied on this. We can’t believe Joe and crew did it in only three days. I haven’t gone down there yet...just peeked through the access window, but I bought a worklight string like Joe had to light up the place, so I’m ready.  Now I can run a network cable down there that I’ve been holding off on doing. You can’t imagine how this answers a wish I’ve had for thirty years to make the space desirable to enter...clean, bright,  dry, and odor-free. I noticed after the first day of work that the house didn’t smell musty. The new ductwork has made a noticeable improvement in the airflow to the family room, even before a new furnace. Of course I still eagerly await the new equipment next week. I’d love to be in the newsletter and you and anyone from Halco are welcome to a tour. We’re thinking of having a crawlspace-warming for friends and neighbors! Too bad the access can’t be any bigger. Take care of the back. See you soon I hope! Norm
Norman A. of Ithaca, NY
Wednesday, January 4th
Hope the summer is treating you well. I wanted you to know that last night at dinner my wife, said “I have to admit you were right about the insulation.  It’s really made the house much more comfortable.”  As you might imagine, I was incredibly pleased.  The insulation has made a huge difference this summer.  Temperature swings in the house are very minor unless we open the windows.  Looking forward to the winter benefits.   All best, Scott
Scott S. of Corning, NY
Tuesday, July 7th
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Mr. Smith: I would like to make you aware of an exceptional employee that you have in Nick Thompson. We are selling our home at [address removed] in Ithaca. It sold right away but during a home inspection a small plumbing leak was noticed. It was very important for us to fix it as soon as possible in order to continue with the sale of the home. We were able to contact Halco and actually get a person to talk to at nearly 9:00p.m., that individual was able to contact Nick Thompson and schedule an inspection with us the very next day. Nick was very professional and he pushed to make sure the work was scheduled right away due to our urgent situation. He was very responsive at all times. He even made sure we got the letter we needed for the buyers of our home specifically stating how the repair was done and that it was done by licensed workers etc… Anything Nick said would happen, he made sure it did. I was very impressed. I run a Soil and Water Conservation District and have worked with many folks over the last 20 years and you just simply don’t find people like Nick. Thank you very much for all of your company’s assistance.  
Jerry V. of Ithaca, NY
Friday, October 20th
Hello,   I'm writing as a follow-up to work done on our boiler last week by Chris, one of your HVAC guys (with an assistant). He replaced an inducer motor, a pressure tank, an auto-feed valve, and a backflow preventer.   First I want to say how pleased I was by the service I got from everyone at Halco, starting with Steve (the guy who made the initial visit to diagnose the multiple problems with the system), on to Jamie, who I spoke with on the phone several times about setting up the follow-up repair visit, ordering parts, etc., to Chris and his assistant (whose name I never got). Everyone was super helpful, responsive, and clear in communications. I appreciated that Halco covered the cost of overnight shipping on the inducer monitor from out of state, and the loan of two space heaters over the two days we were without heat before the repair work could be done. Chris and partner got here around 4 PM on the day that the inducer motor was received, and they worked until almost 10 PM to restore our heat and hot water. It was great to finally be able to shower and run the dishwasher after they were done!   Again, thanks to all for outstanding service. I will continue recommending Halco to anyone who asks!
Russ C. of Ithaca, NY
Tuesday, March 23rd
Dear all Halco family: Greg, Theresa, Jamie, Brittany, Seth, Rodney, Dave, Jim & partner that put my furnace in. Thank you all for all your caring and help and professionalism. I love the furnace and thermostat. I could not have stayed in my home if it wasn't for all of you. Please thank too the men that worked so hard insulating, this will help so much too. I hope I haven't forgotten anyone. It is honestly a dream come true. I am truly blessed over this. Please thank NYS Gas and Electric and the state program, Empower! God Bless all of you always. 
Janie O. of Wayland, NY
Wednesday, August 12th
I just want to let you know how pleased I am with all the work that has been done on my house. Even after the nice, new hot water tank was installed today, your installer happened to notice a slope in the ramp by the side door. He fixed it by putting the brace piece back in place and attaching a couple nails to hold it there and then he told me about it and showed me where the problem was and what he did. That was an amazing, thoughtful thing for him to do, above and beyond his job scope. I am happy to be able to rest easy knowing my hot water tank is replaced before any major damage happened with that. It's so much larger and looks good. He left everything in nice neat condition, even better than he found it. The basement windows look very good and they were installed with such efficiency. The installers were gentlemen and worked well together. Those old windows are gone and the new ones will probably last the lifetime of the house. I highly recommend them for any jobs HALCO may have in the future. The new heat converter unit on my furnace seems to be working just great, even though I don't really understand how it works. Those 3 gentlemen worked a long day to get it installed and working well. I know that unit and the additional insulation in my house will also save me some money and improve the efficiency of my propane and electric services. They did not have one problem with things being in the way and everything was done with our safety in mind. I am truly blessed. Everyone I have been in contact with through HALCO, either in person or by phone, has been very courteous, polite and considerate, and well experienced in their area of expertise. Please thank everyone for me again. I may not remember all their names, but I will never forget them, or you, and the hard work everyone did. Sincerely, 
Judy B. of Branchport, NY
Thursday, March 31st
Mr. Hal Smith, I met you and Elijah Whiting on 7/20/15 at Tony Del Plato's place in Interlaken. I, as part of Solar Seneca, interviewed solar contractors whom we might recommend.  From there, Halco was recommended, and later I ordered a system from Halco for myself. Your staff, Kevin Pilcher, Bill Coon, both Josh's, are very good at what they do. But, that installation crew: Jake, Ken, Jeff. They are your stars. First class craftsmen & personable to boot. I'm particularly praising Jake; he kept me informed at all times. Also, he is an artist. My meters and panels are laid out in geometric perfection. Should have had everything installed in my living room so I could show it off. If anyone tried to hire Jake away, you should do whatever it takes to keep him. Yours, 
Donald R. of Interlaken, NY
Sunday, July 10th
Dear Hal, Just a word of appreciation for the installation of a heat pump in my house in February. This is a great system - very easy to use - even for someone as old as I happen to be.  Your people showed up on schedule, were efficient and left my place cleaner than when they arrived! They even gave me a short lesson on how to use my new heat pump system.  I am especially appreciative for all the effort and time that Troy Duerr put in to see that the job was designed properly and installed correctly. He returned a week after the installation was complete to make sure I was satisfied! When I built this house 35 years ago, wood heat was a great choice. At nearly 90, it is not so great! So, you can get some idea of how much I am enjoying my new heating system.  Thanks again. I will recommend your company every chance I get.
Dick M. of Naples, NY
Wednesday, March 17th
You have successfully serviced my heating and plumbing needs for several years. I did not think of you as providing electrical service and found you quite by accident for this service. Late on Friday, 7/10, I called to schedule an electrical appointment at my recently purchased lake camp in Cayuga, NY. Your receptionist and Brandon were, as always, most professional and helpful. Today David Zaborowski and his apprentice Spencer Dino spent several hours at my vacation home. They were personable, professional, considerate of my time and money and took care of my problems. In short they were the kind of folks I've come to expect from Halco and I enjoyed having them work in my home. Kudos to David and Spencer and to you for providing an environment which attracts such quality people.
Frank P. of Groton, NY
Tuesday, July 14th
Just wanted to thank you & your technician Steve Hudson for the great service you provided today!! I had in mind a solution for our lack of hot water and Steve proposed a different solution which was less costly and, because he had the parts on his truck, was installed successfully & quickly. Steve was friendly, knowledgeable, and there was no high pressure sales pitches. We enjoyed doing business with your company - thanks again!
Ted M. of Honeoye, NY
Tuesday, May 31st
Hi Hal, Hope all is well with you!  I just wanted to let you know that we have been so pleased with the work of one of your employees, Peter Faas.. He's been working on our routine furnace checks for several years and has done an especially fine job with our gas fireplace, which is not easy to work with.  He represents your company in a professional way and does a great job. We are loyal Halco customers and a lot of that is because of Peter.  I recommend Halco to friends often!  Thanks! Barb
Barb R. of Canandaigua, NY
Thursday, November 3rd
Just wanted to share my recent experience with Halco's installation of a replacement A/C unit.   I've been a Halco service customer for a number of years, quite satisfied with the quality of work. This was the major reason why I asked Halco to provide a quote for a replacement A/C. Dan Fuhrmann was able to win my business by listening to what I was looking for and providing a detailed evaluation of the home's heating/cooling profile. I was given a number of options, but above all I felt my thoughts were heard and understood as I moved toward making a final decision. I did not feel pressured to make a decision, and received validation even when my decision was for a moderately priced system.   I would want to mention that I've had excellent customer service from the people in your office, both during past service calls and during this current A/C installation. I wish I could remember their names! However I can state that during each telephone call, I have experienced the service person first listening to the reason I called, then taking the time to figure out a course of action or a solution to a concern. I have felt valued as a 'person' who is a customer. I would give an example with the fact that I had let office staff know that I would be available if an earlier install date became open, and in fact received a call for a date a week earlier than originally planned (just in time before the 90 + days in late July!).   Which brings me to the installation of the new A/C unit. Rex and his partner Robert arrived on time to begin the work. They listened to the questions I had about the installation and explained how the work would be done. They proceeded with the install in a skilled and professional manner, and appeared to take time and care with the work, not treating the installation as if it was 'just another job' to rush through. They even took the time to explain how the new equipment on the furnace would look different, in case I might see the difference later and be concerned. Lastly, they did a great job cleaning up their work, both inside and out. Again, in my experience, other businesses ignore such basic tasks, whereas this seemed to be another example of how Halco employees look at all aspects of their work as parts of the larger picture of providing quality products and service.   I apologize for the length of this message, however I wanted to express that with Halco (whether Sales, Office or Installation employees), I have experienced a level of customer service that sadly seems lacking in many businesses. Needless to say, I'm satisfied with my new air conditioning system! At the time of writing this, the outside temp is 90 degrees with 72% humidity! That's figures to a heat index of 108!! However inside house is a comfy 72 degrees/ 45% humidity!!    Thanks Halco!!
Gary S. of Fayette, NY
Friday, July 19th
Your customer service is phenomenal. In the last 12 hours I have spoken to Kerry and Sierra, not sure of the spelling of names, and both of them went away beyond to try to help me with my problem. Customer service like that will keep my loyalty to your company. Thank you
Theresa S. of Waterloo, NY
Thursday, October 4th
I can't thank you and your staff enough for their incredibly timely response to our boiler situation. Ed was dispatched on Monday to determine why our boiler wasn't heating our water. He and his helper did a fantastic job of determining the issue, taking extensive pictures and describing to us what the issues were and forwarding all his documentation in order to justify a boiler replacement. He called us Monday evening to say that all documentation had been submitted to Navian for approval. Then to get your call this morning that a crew would be out this morning to replace the boiler was miraculous. The two gentlemen who replaced our boiler were outstanding representatives of your firm. They were highly professional, very pleasant to talk to and cleaned up any and all debris from the replacement. Our level of trust with your firm is best exemplified by the fact that D****** had a doctor's appointment that we simply could not change, we told your crew what time we had to leave, showed them how to secure the house and we left. We came home to a clean boiler room and garage. Please pass on our thanks to your crew for such a great job. Thanks again for your continued professionalism and outstanding customer service.
Jim M. of Macedon, NY
Wednesday, May 23rd
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