Common Home Energy Problems

Common Home Energy Problems

We have solutions for all types of comfort and energy issues in your home

Do you have uncomfortable rooms in your home, an inefficient HVAC system, or high heating and cooling bills? You're not alone! At Dr. Energy Saver, we've dealt with all types of home comfort and energy issues over the years, and we know how to give your home a quality solution.

Take a look at some of the most common symptoms of home energy problems below and then give us a call to get a complete home energy audit! We specialize in providing energy solutions that make your home more comfortable and efficient.

Common Home Energy Problems Scan Lighting Lighting HVAC HVAC HVAC HVAC HVAC HVAC Water Heating Water Heating Water Heating Water Heating Insulation Insulation Insulation Insulation Insulation Insulation Insulation Insulation Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing Air Sealing

Air Sealing

  1. Air leakage into attic
  2. Mold on roof sheathing
  3. Air leaks around recessed lights
  4. Air leaks around electrical outlets
  5. Air leaks through chimney damper
  6. Air leaks around attic stair
  7. Leaky basement windows
  8. Air infiltration around rim joist
  9. Vented crawl space
  10. Air leaks around weatherstripping
  11. Air leaks around dryer vent
  12. Air leaks around outdoor faucet
  13. Air leaks around chimney


  1. Missing insulation
  2. Inadequate attic insulation
  3. Uninsulated basement wall
  4. Moldy sagging fiberglass insulation Appliances & Electronics
  5. Phantom electrical loads
  6. Inefficient refrigerator
  7. Inefficient dishwasher
  8. Inefficient washing machine

Water Heating

  1. Inefficient water heater
  2. Missing pipe insulation Water Conservation
  3. Improper showerhead
  4. Water-wasting toilet


  1. Backdrafting from furnace
  2. Leaky ductwork
  3. Uninsulated ducts
  4. Outdated furnace
  5. Improperly vented bath fan
  6. Inadequate attic ventilation


  1. Non-IC rated recessed lights
  2. Inefficient incandescent lights

Common symptoms of home energy problems

  • Uncomfortably cold or hot rooms: If you have rooms in your house that are always too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, you likely have an issue with your home's insulation. A home energy audit can identify the areas where you're losing energy.
  • High heating or cooling bills: Inefficient or outdated furnaces, boilers, and air conditioners are a major source of wasted energy. Our evaluation can tell you if you need repairs or replacement of any of your major systems.
  • Uneven temperatures in the home: Many homes have that one room that doesn't ever seem to be the same temperature as the rest of the house. If you have this problem, your ductwork and insulation are the likely culprits. We can help you determine what air sealing and insulation upgrades are needed.
  • Drafts around windows and doors: If it feels unusually cold around your windows or doors, you may need replacements. Energy efficient windows and doors with upgraded weatherstripping will eliminate drafts in your home.
  • Cold floors: Cold floors above the basement, crawl space, or garage are usually a symptom of insuffient or missing insulation. We can inspect your home and provide the insulation solutions you need to eliminate cold floors.
  • Ice dams: A buildup of ice along the edge of your roof means that heat is leaking into your attic from the living space below. Snow melts high up on the roof, and the resulting water freezes along the colder eaves, causing a thick ice layer to form - damaging both your roof and gutters, while also causing water leaks. Upgrading attic insulation can prevent ice dams.
  • Mold growth and allergy problems: The presence of mold and other airborne irritants is often the result of problems such as air leaks and poor ventilation. We can test your home to determine where you need air sealing and insulation upgrades that will prevent excess moisture and outside air from causing mold growth and other health problems.

Get a complete home energy solution for your home

If you have any of the problems listed above or any other home energy issue, Dr. Energy Saver can help. We offer complete home energy audits to identify the cause of uncomfortable rooms and energy waste in your home, allowing us to provide a customized solution that fits your needs. Contact us today to get started with an inspection and estimate from your local Dr. Energy Saver dealer!

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