How To Choose An Energy Auditor

How to Choose a Home Energy Auditor

Dr. Energy Saver provides complete energy audits and quality solutions?

Learn about some of the common techniques for improving energy efficiency in a home.

How efficient is your furnace? How much conditioned air is escaping from leaks in your ductwork system? How does your home's air leakage compare to the level of air leakage recommended for an energy-efficient home? Where is your basement insulation installed, and is it installed in the right way?

To answer these questions and many others about your home's energy efficiency, you need to have a home energy audit. This series of tests, inspections, and calculations are also referred to as a "home energy checkup" or "home energy assessment." Dr. Energy Saver offers thorough home energy audits to discover and diagnose all of your home's energy problems. Contact your local dealer to schedule an audit!

A home energy audit is a good investment

Regardless of what name is used, a home energy audit is the best way to gain a comprehensive assessment of how your home uses energy, and how different improvements can positively impact not only your utility bills but your home's comfort and healthfulness as well.

At Dr. Energy Saver, we provide thorough testing of all your home's major systems, including the furnace, air conditioner, insulation, and ductwork. Once we have understood the problems you've experienced and evaluated your home, we can recommend the right solutions to give you the comfort and energy efficiency you want.

Be sure to choose a full home energy audit

It's important to be aware of what you're getting when you choose a home energy auditor. Some energy audits -- especially those sponsored fully or partially by local utility companies -- are not as complete as they should be. Subsidies may make an energy audit cheap or free, but unfortunately, you usually get what you pay for.

At the very least, a home energy audit should include a blower door test, an insulation inspection, and an evaluation of your ductwork system and HVAC equipment. Many "bargain" audits do not go this far. A qualified energy auditor such as those at Dr. Energy Saver will have completed a program of study and testing to be certified as a licensed energy analyst.

A Dr. Energy Saver Home Energy Checkup isn't the least expensive energy audit, but it's definitely the best. To make sure you do the right things in the right order, invest in Dr. Energy Saver's comprehensive and customized Home Energy Checkup. You'll not only get a detailed "report card" that grades your home in 10 distinct areas of energy performance; you'll also get a prioritized list of recommendations to improve energy performance.

We can help you understand whether you need new insulation, ductwork repairs, or an upgrade of your heating and cooling system. If you're interested in renewable energy options like a geothermal heat pump or a solar system, our energy audit will also evaluate your home's potential for these improvements.

Get the best audit for your home and complete energy solutions

At Dr. Energy Saver, we don't simply walk out the door and leave you with a to-do list. We'll go over our recommendations with you and provide you with a free estimate on all the services we recommend for your home. Once you choose the ones you want, we'll provide expert installation, repair, and replacement of insulation and HVAC components.

If you're interested in having a complete home energy audit, call the experts at Dr. Energy Saver today. We can help you get the solutions you need to make your home more comfortable and efficient all year long!

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