Insulation - Insulating Exterior Walls with AirKrete (Complete Version)

This video introduces the use of AirKrete Injection Foam for wall cavity insulation. Larry Janesky and his crew at Dr. Energy Saver use AirKrete to insulate the walls of a ranch style home. AirKrete was injected into the wall cavities through small holes, drilled in external walls from the outside. While demonstrating the process, Larry highlights the features of this great new insulation product.

AirKrete is made with 100% inorganic and environmentally-safe compounds, and is free from volatile chemicals that produce strong and/or harmful fumes during the application. In fact, you can't smell AirKrete at all, not even during the mixing and application process.

The shaving cream-like consistency allows it to expand and completely fill every wall cavity and any small gaps in the wall, providing added R-value (R- 4 per inch) while air sealing the walls at the same time. The material also has an impressive fire resistance, demonstrated here by Larry with the help of a propane torch, used to melt a penny on top of a piece of AirKrete. 

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