Insulation - Why Cellulose Insulation is Better than Fiberglass Insulation


In this “On The Job” episode, Larry Janesky makes the case for cellulose insulation as a superior alternative to fiberglass insulation in the vast majority of its most popular applications, including wall cavity and attic insulation. Using different types of displays and testing procedures, Larry demonstrates how cellulose insulation outperforms fiberglass not only in terms of R-value, which this video will show is fairly superior.

Cellulose insulation, which is basically ground recycled paper treated with environmentally-friendly chemicals, is also mold resistant, doesn’t attract pests, and has the ability to muffle sounds making your home much quieter.

Perhaps the most impressive quality of cellulose insulation is its fire resistance. Put to the test, it not only outperforms fiberglass, but also the vast majority of insulation materials.

Click here for a video on fire testing insulation materials. 

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