Insulation - Dr. Energy Saver on Dream Room Makeover | Attic Insulation Upgrade

Dr. Energy Saver was called in to help in this episode of the Dream Room Makeover TV Show, to perform an important energy efficient upgrade: installing attic insulation. This energy upgrade will not be visible to anyone who lives and visits the new room, but will be felt in terms of greater comfort throughout the house, as well as lower energy bills. Larry Janesky, who was on the job overseeing the process, explains the ABC's of home energy conservation and why attic insulation and air sealing are so important when it comes to saving energy and money. Heated air from the living space rises and escapes through the attic. Proper air sealing and attic insulation helps keep the air that you pay to cool and heat where it belongs: in the conditioned, living areas of your home. Let the experts at Dr. Energy Saver help you save money and energy! Call us for a home energy audit!

Dr. Energy Saver on Dream Room Makeover | Attic Insulation Upgrade

Dr. Energy Saver on Dream Room Makeover Attic Insulation Upgrade Dream Room Makeover with Mar Jennings Correspondent: Dream Room Makeover is sponsored impart by Franklin Painting, Power Home Remodeling Group and Connecticut Basement Systems Dr. Energy.

Mar Jennings: The important details of a makeover are the unseen. So, I have asked my friend, from Connecticut Basement System and Dr. Energy Saver Larry, to talk a little bit about what Tom can expect.

Larry Janesky: Thank Mar; Tom can expect lower fuel and electric bills, and a more comfortable home, warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.

Mar Jennings: So your company is focusing on what? Just checkups first, getting in there for an assessment?

Larry Janesky: What we do is go in and evaluate the entire house for people. We find out what are the most important priorities to make the home more comfortable and lower the cost of homeownership by reducing fuel and electric costs.

Mar Jennings: And you do that both in the attic and the basement?

Larry Janesky: Yes, we have an A, B, C priority for making a house more energy efficient. "A", the attic, is the most important place to work in first. Then "B" the basement, and then "C" is the condition space in the middle. So we are going to focus in on the attic in a complete home energy evaluation. We want to identify the priorities in warm buoyant areas, as it rises, it leaks on to the top of the house. So, what we want to do is keep more of the air we pay for, the heated and cooled air, in the house longer by air sealing in attic.

Dream Room Makeover with Mar Jennings.

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