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Drain Pipe Repair and Replacement in Long Valley, NJ

A customer who was referred to Pipe Works Services called from Long Valley, NJ looking to find a solution to having excessive water in the basement and was inquiring why since she had french drains installed.

Our senior technician Lloyd gave her a variety of options, one of which was to replace their main sewer line drain piping because it was not supported correctly and it was old cast iron which could poise a problem in the future. Pipe Works technician Pedro installed new 4" main sewer line drain piping and secured it properly to avoid any future water damage.

Gas Boiler Repair in Budd Lake, NJ

A prominent hotel in Budd Lake contact Pipe Works Services and needed repairs for their 2 gas boilers. Pipe Works Services dispatched Pedro to see what the problem was. After Pedro did a thorough diagnosis, he found that ignition module and transformer were bad and was not letting the boiler to turn on. Pedro replaced both parts and boiler is now working. Now all the customers of this hotel will be properly heated in their rooms!

Pipe Lining Being Worked On in Netcong, New Jersey

The home owner was experiencing frequent clogs and back ups in her home. Our System Design Specialist went to the home to perform a video camera inspection of the line. Upon viewing the interior of the sewer line we discovered major rust and tree root infiltration in the line. Our technicians had to make a small dig outside the home because there was no clean out access inside the basement. The cut out one section of the pipe in order to perform a scouring and hydro jetting inside the line. Due to tree root infiltration there were many cracks in the line and they opted to perform a pipe lining instead of a huge dig to replace the entire line. 

Hot Water Replacement in Netcong, NJ

Water Heater Service/Diagnostic - Customer sayspilot light does not stay lit Call. We replaced with a Rheem hot water heater.

Leaking Bath Tub in Hopatcong, NJ

Customer  in Hopatcong, NJ called about leak coming from bathtub into ceiling below. 

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