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Spray Foam Insulation in Painted Post, NY

After receiving a free home energy audit from Halco, this Painted Post, NY customer realized there was a significant amount of air infiltration in his basement. By insulating the basement walls with 2" of spray foam, we were able to bring this lower level of the home into the building envelope and make the home more comfortable and energy efficient. Unlike fiberglass, spray foam performs well in high-moisture environments, like a basement.

Spray Foam Insulation for Alfred Station, NY Customer

This project in Alfred Station, NY was in a manufactured home with cold floors and a 20 year old inefficient furnace. We installed 2" of closed cell spray foam to the underside of the home and reduced the air leakage by 33%! We also upgraded their furnace to a 95% efficiency unit. These customers will be more comfortable and have lower bills next winter! 

Solar Installation in Alfred, NY

This 6.86 kW solar electric system was installed for a customer in Alfred, NY. The array consists of 28 SunPower solar modules installed as a roof-mounted array on the customer's home. As designed, this system should generate 4,742.5 kWh per year for and average of 13 kWh per day! 

Electrical Panel Upgrade in Alfred, NY

In the process of installing a solar electric system for this Alfred, NY customer, technicians discovered the electrical panel was old and unsafe with a long history of fire risks!  We upgraded them to a new 200 amp panel, installed alongside their new SunPower solar system! 

Air Conditioning Maintenance in Danby, NY

This Danby, NY customer is a new Halco client who contacted us for maintenance work on his commercial building. The air conditioning maintenance had been done by others until this point and Halco technicians were able to step in and clean up the system a great deal. This customer was so pleased with the work, he signed up for an annual service plan for his AC unit. 

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