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Ground Solar Mount in Trumansburg, NY

This 5.5 kW solar electric system was installed for a customer in Trumansburg, NY. Comprised of 20 SolarWorld solar modules, this system is designed to generate 5,374 kWh per year with a CO2 emissions savings equivalent to approximately 3,980 pounds of coal burned. The end result of this project was simply stunning!


Sub Panel Installation in Trumansburg, NY

This Trumansburg, NY customer contacted Halco to install an electrical sub panel in their newly built garage. Starting at the customer's main panel, our technicians ran the conduit around the side of the home, under the deck and to the garage and then installed a new 60 amp sub panel on the garage wall. 

AC Maintenance in Trumansburg, NY

This Trumansburg, NY customer went two years without maintaining his AC unit and look at the buildup that occurred! An air conditioning unit requires routine maintenance to function effectively and efficiently throughout it’s entire lifespan.

AC Maintenance in Trumansburg, NY

After two years without having his air conditioning system tuned up, this customer called Halco for some maintenance. Our tech cleaned the entire system to make sure it will run smoothly and efficiently this cooling season. 

Solar Panel Install in Dansville, NY

This Dansville, NY customer decided to go green to reduce both his energy costs and his environmental footprint. The home was fitted with a 7.194 kW solar electric system, installed as a roof-mounted array of 22 SunPower solar modules. As designed, the system should produce 6,966.8 kWh per year, which is equivalent to carbon dioxide emissions savings of 10,591 pounds annually. We can say with confidence that this customer has achieved his goal of becoming more energy efficient and sustainable! 

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