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New Tub Surround Installation in Ithaca, NY

We removed the old, dingy ceramic tile walls and outdated pink bathtub for this Ithaca, NY customer and replaced it with a beautiful, white, vinyl tub surround; along with brand new chrome fittings!

Kitchen Faucet Replacement in Ithaca, NY

This Ithaca, NY Halco Gold Customer wanted to upgrade his kitchen faucet in a BIG way!  We took out his ordinary, single-handle faucet and replaced it with this extraordinary, high-end, pot filler faucet!

Solar Installation in Ithaca, NY

This Ithaca, NY customer is part of Tompkins County, a community with a very large solar initiative.  As customer, Kelly, and his wife researched and learned more about solar power they thought, "Why isn't everybody doing this?"  After receiving a free home energy audit from Halco, we moved forward with a 6.6 kW roof-mounted solar array.  In a post-project interview, Kelly stated that he was, "Very impressed with the speed of the project- it only took 2.5 days." This customer also plans to work with Halco on a second project for insulation and a heat exchange unit.  All in all, Kelly is very excited about this project and is even hoping to add more solar panels in the future!

200 amp Underground Service in Ithaca, NY

Halco service technicians were called to this Ithaca, NY home because the customer had no electric. It was quickly apparent that there was no voltage coming into the line side of the meter meaning there was either a break in the line underground or on the riser on the pole. After verifying that the break was not on the pole, the next step was to start digging. Technicians found the break and established that the pipe had no bushings installed when it was originally put in. Bushings go on the ends of pipe to keep a smooth transition from pipe to wire and because there were no bushings, this caused the pipe to become burned and corroded over time. Our technicians cleaned the conduit out, re-pulled new wire, and installed UL listed underground splice kits. They then sand padded the ditch for protection of the splices and conduit bushings and the repair was complete! 

Solar Installation in Ithaca, NY

These Ithaca, NY customers decided to go solar to reduce their carbon footprint and to make their home more energy efficient and sustainable. With that in mind, our solar technicians installed a 4.7 kW roof-mounted array that is designed to generate 4,819 kWh per year. This system's energy production is equivalent to 95% of the customer's current baseload usage, which corresponds to a CO2 emissions savings of 5,782 lbs. per year! 

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