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Spray Foam in Silver Spring, Maryland

This beautiful home in Silver Spring, MD had a very large attic that they wished to turn into a bedroom.

Our Crew air sealed and installed spray foam insulation to the entire attic. This brought the attic into conditioned space and can now be used as a functional and comfortable bedroom for the family.

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Waldorf, MD

Spray Foaming in Waldorf, MD

This home was suffering from noticeable drafts in their basement level. The homeowners call Complete Home Solutions to find a solution to their problem. Our Auditor inspected the home and determined that there was air leaking in from the outside and air from inside the home was seeping out. The Auditor and homeowners decided best solution for the problem is to use spray foam insulation to seal the space.

Our Production Team used spray foam insulation to seal the area to keep the home's air from seeping out and the  outiside air from coming in. This helps the homeowners save money on their heating and air conditiong bill by making the home more energy efficient as well as more comfortable for the family.

Attic Insulation in Silver Spring, MD

This client of ours was in the process of purchasing a house in Silver Spring and wanted to make a few changes before he moved in. He wanted to make sure that his house was going to be energy efficient. He did his research and found a company that had great experience and reviews...Complete Home Solutions. He had us come out and give him the best solutions for his new home. 

Our home comfort specialist found that air sealing and insulating the attic would be the most effective way to reach this client's needs. We air sealed any open cavities (that means rim and band joists, ceiling fixture penetrations, top plates, etc) and blew in enough cellulose insulation to bring levels up to R-49. This new homeowner will be moving into a house that is both energy efficient and comfortable. 

Crawl Space Encapsulation in Silver Spring, MD

This home in Silver Spring, MD had old, deteriorating insulation in their crawl space and a vapor barrier that wasn't keeping the moisture out. Following a call to Complete Home Solutions, our Home Comfort Technicians made their crawl space not only look brand new, but also functioning better than it ever has! With a brand new CleanSpace vapor barrier along with a spray foam encapsulation and dehumidifier , this crawl space is now keeping critters and moisture out, while keeping the floors above more comfortable and the homeowner happy.

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