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Air Seal Attic Fan in Bethesda, MD

Looking at the picture on the left, we have three main problems with this attic (two you can see, one you can't). One, there's not enough insulation. The yellow BATT insulation (featured on the left) is barely to the top of the floor joists (meaning there should be at least 6" more). Two, there is no air sealing (this you can't see). We need to get underneath the insulation to fix this. Third, the whole house fan is completely out in the open (acting as a major source for unwanted air leakage).

To fix the air leakage, CHS pushed aside the old insulation and caulked any penetrations that were facilitating this issue. To bring insulation up to the BPI recommended standard, we blew in closed cell cellulose insulation. To stop the outdated whole house fan from leaking air, we constructed a 2x4 frame with a hinged top (insulated with 2" of foam board) and installed a string and pulley to allow for easy opening. 


Spray Foamed Addition in Bethesda, MD

This customer of ours had some work done with us a few years ago. So, when a new insulation project came up, he knew who to come to for a quality job. He had built a new addition onto his house and wanted to make sure that it was properly insulated before finishing it. 

Our home comfort specialist provided the homeowner with a few solutions to achieve this. They ultimately chose one that we felt was the best option - applying spray foam to the walls, rims and bands was a great way to make sure the new addition was effectively air sealed as well as insulated. The homeowner can now enjoy his new space comfortably.  

Insufficient Attic Insulation in Chevy Chase, MD

This home in Chevy Chase, Maryland was suffering from cold drafts and uncomfortable tempertatures during this winter. This led the homeowner to call Complete Home Solutions to find the source of the issue. Our Auditor determined that the source of the problems was insufficient insulation in the attic.

Our Production Team used blow in cellulose to properly insulate the attic and keep the cold out this winter.

Attic Insulation in Kensington, MD

This customer called us because they were experiencing extremely high energy bills. He wanted to know of any possible solutions to make his energy bills lower and stop the air leakage within his home!

After coming out to do an estimate on this home, our Home Comfort Specialist determined that the problem was coming from the moisture in the attic which was causing insulation to sag and become ineffective. Our Production Team came out and used blown-in cellulose to insulation the attic and making it more effective. The customer is now experiencing lower energy bills and feels more comfortable within their home due to less air leakage. 

Attic Insulation in Onley, MD

Allison's home was becoming more and more uncomfortable by the season, especially throughout the second-floor bedrooms, in the winter it was noticeably colder upstairs, and in the summer she and her family couldn't escape the heat when trying to sleep. After seeing our great reviews on google, she decided to give us a call to assess the situation. Our Home Comfort Specialist conducted a thorough inspection of the home and pinpointed the comfort problems in the insulation levels and overall condition of the attic.  On the day of the installation, our Home Comfort Technicians were able to completely transform this attic and began by air sealing. We use fire block spray foam to fill in any cracks or seams in the ceiling, as well as completely seal the recessed light. The air sealing process prevents conditioned air from escaping the living areas of the home. Next, our crew vented the bath fans through the roof. We do this to ensure that any moisture or air that is being removed from the house, completely escapes the home and is not simply dumped back into the attic. Following the bath fan, our Specialists install baffles along the eaves of the home to ensure proper airflow, as well as ensure we can blow new insulation to the furthest points of your attic. The final step of this attic was to blow in 16 new inches of stabilized cellulose insulation. This creates a barrier between the warmer or colder conditions of your attic and the rest of your home.


Allison noticed an immediate difference during the colder months and cant wait to see how her new attic helps during a hot and humid Maryland Summer.


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