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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Rockville, MD

This homeowner in Rockville, MD had consistent moisture in her crawl space which allowed for water to puddle up on the ground and had little to no insulation. Following a call to Complete Home Solutions, our Home Comfort Technicians were able to fully encapsulate the crawl space with a CleanSpace vapor barrier, spray foam insulation on all of the external walls, and a dehumidifier. This created a much cleaner and efficient crawl space, and resulted in a happy customer.
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Crawl Space Encapsulation in Derwood, MD

This Homeowner in Derwood, MD had a crawl that was in need of a upgrade. Open exterior vents and thinning insulation had allowed humid air to rise into the house in the summer and colder air to do the same in the winter. Upon a visit from our Home Comfort Specialist organic growth from the humid air was also discovered in the crawl space. Our Home Comfort Technicians applied a mold treatment to the crawl, before laying down a CleanSpace vapor barrier and sealing the walls with spray foam insulation for a full encapsulation. The Homeowner is now relaxing comfortably, and have a clean useable space under their home. For a free estimate on transforming your crawl space like this one give us a call today at 1-866-632-5870

New Attic Insulation in Bethesda, MD

This beautiful home in Bethesda, Maryland was suffering from drafty rooms and high utility bills. The homeowner called Complete Home Solutions to see if we could help with their comfort problems.

We came out and performed a Home Energy Audit to try and pinpoint the problem. What we found was that the attic was way under-insulated. So, we took out the old insulation that the was already in the attic that was no longer working efficiently. After that, we were able to install polysio foam board on the knee walls and TruSoft Cellulose insulation all along the attic space, bringing insulation levels to R-49 (which is the recommended BPI standard for our climate zone). After these installations, the home owner no longer suffers from drafty rooms and feels comfortable in their home! 

Attic Insulation in Bethesda, MD

Adi called Complete Home Solutions for one of our Home Energy Audits after she had noticed the temperature in the second floor was much different than the temperature on the first floor. The Audit examines multiple factors of your home to determine ways you could keep it more comfortable, as well as help it run more efficiently. Following the audit, our Home Comfort Specialist determined that a big cause of the uncomfortable upstairs temperatures was due to the condition of the attic. On the day of the installation, our Home Comfort Technicians worked their magic once again, air sealing any cracks in the attic floor, and around any recessed light that would be allowing heat to escape and cold air to make its way in. They then blew in a new layer of Cellulose insulation that would create a barrier in the attic that traps the warm air where it belongs, in the home, not the attic. 


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Crawlspace Encapsulation in Bethesda, MD

Mr. Homeowner has lived here in Bethesda, Maryland for years. Him and his wife have had a constant problem with their floors on the first level -- they're always freezing cold in the winter. They heard about us at Complete Home Solutions and how we've helped other people with the same problem.

We informed Mr. Homeowner about how much of a problem his crawlspace was, or rather crawlspaces. He had multiple crawlspaces that were never properly air sealed. We took on the task of fixing up all of them. We installed a CleanSpace liner and applied closed cell spray foam. This was a big project to take on, but it was well worth it! No more cold floors for Mr. Homeowner, just a comfortable house. 

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