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Air Sealing and Insulation in Rockville, MD

This home in Rockville, MD had open insulation in the attic that was causing drafts and uncomfortable temperatures in the home. The homeowner called Complete Home Solutions to find a solution to the problems. Our Auditor found the problems to be insufficient insulation and air leaks in the attic.

Our Production Team insulated and air sealed the exposed insulation and pipes to make the home more energy efficient and comfortable.

Attic Insulation in Rockville, MD

This homeowner in Rockville, MD had an attic with insufficient air sealing and insulation. This is a bad combination that can lead to air leakage, discomfort in the home and unnecessarily high utility bills. Our crew started by air sealing the attic, this means that we closed any openings or exposures in the attic floor with spray foam and sealed the Ductwork preventing any air leaks or sweating and also makes the ductwork more efficient. Now that we have created an airtight seal, it is time to blow in the Cellulose insulation to complete the job and help the home maintain a comfortable temperature all while using less energy.


Attic Insulation in Rockville, MD

This home in Rockville, Maryland suffered from uncomfortable temperatures in the home this winter.The homeowner called Complete Home Solutions to find the source of the issue. Our Auditor determined that the home had insufficient insulation which was causing the uncomfortable temperatures and cold drafts.

Our Production Team used blow in cellulose insulation to bring the insulation levels up to Dr. Energy Saver's suggested levels.

Crawlspace Insulation in Rockville, MD

This homeowner was concerned about the insulation in their crawl space.  It was absorbing ground moisture, causing it to sag and deteriorate.  It also was allowing possible orgnaic growth issues and their floors above were uncomfortable.  Complete Home Solutions removed the damaged existing insulation.  We then completed an crawl space encapsulation with SilverGlo board.  Dimpled drainage matting was installed across dirt floor area, SilverGlo board was installed on the walls and the 20 mil Cleanspace liner was installed over the dimpled drainage matting.  The CleanSpace Encapsulation allowed us to create a clean enviroment in the crawl space and the result was increased comfort to the floor areas above.  This homeowner now does not have to wear socks to keep their feet warm. 

Crawl Space Air Sealed in Rockville, MD

This homeowner was really interested in finding ways to make their home more energy efficient (specifically to help lower their utility bills and increase home comfort). They hired Complete Home Solutions to help them achieve this goal. 

We took on two primary projects to do this: the attic and the crawlspace. The picture here shows you how we treated the crawlspace. We removed and replaced the old damaged insulation & vapor barrier and air sealed around the walls & vents. This stops that cold, musty air from filtering into the living space, which is an essential part in accomplishing energy efficiency. 

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