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Indow Window Inserts in Owego, NY

If you think these two pictures look the same, look again. The window in the second photo is performing like a new double pane thanks to an Indow window insert.

This historic home in Owego, NY got a non-invasive window upgrade at half the cost of replacement.

Heat Pump Water Heater Install in Branchport, NY

This Branchport customer replaced their standard propane water heater with a new high-efficiency heat pump water heater. This energy upgrade will help the homeowner save $$$ on their energy bills!

Mt. Morris, NY - Spray Foam Improved Comfort in Living Space Above Crawl Space

Cold floors can be caused by a cold crawl space below.  We spray-foamed the foundation walls of this crawlspace in Mt. Morris to improve comfort throughout the home.

Home Insulation and air sealing in Mt. Morris, NY

True Energy Solutions air sealed and insulated this house in Mt, Morris, New York bringing a huge change to the comfort of the homeowners.  Upgrades were accomplished by spraying foam in the rim joists, sealing connections in the attic and basement, adding cellulose in the attic and venting the bath fan through the roof. When we did the initial audit the flue pipes from the furnace and hot water heater were not vented to code and spilling back into the basement. We installed a chimney liner and moved the hot water heater to correct the situation.

Crawl Space Insulation in Stanley, NY

This customer had high humidity levels in his home -- condensation on windows, allergy problems...  Notice the wet gravel on the crawlspace floor.  The fiberglass blanket on the crawlspace wall had absorbed a TON of water, and was so heavy that it was falling down.

We installed drainage matting and bright white "CleanSpace" on the floor, and foil-faced rigid foam board insulation on the walls.  The result is a clean, dry environment beneath the house, which means drier air in the home above, too.

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