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Sprayed Mold-X2 on attic roof decking in Pittsford home which removed almost all staining

This home was under-insulated and had a moisture problem in the attic which had some mold and staining on the underside plywood and rafters.  We did a complete air sealing job and properly vented the bath fans in the attic. Then we treated the surface with Mold-X2 Cleaner and Botanical to treat the attic prior to adding the new insulation.  

Attic insulation in Pittsford, NY

This house was in need of attic insulation and bath fan venting.  We helped reduce the blower door numbers significantly and made a big difference in the master bathroom by upgading the fan and sealing off the poorly insulated raised kneewalls.

Atic insulation in ranch house in Pittsford, NY

This Pittsford house was having ventaliation issues and old insulation in the attic that was causing ice damming in the cold weather. We first installed can light covers and an attic hatch cover. Then, we revented the bath fans, and added insulation around the flue pipe to control the air flow in the home. This house is now more energy efficient and comfortable. 

Chimney Insulation in Pittsford, NY

Prior to insulating attics we must make sure there are no safety issues. This is an example of installing a fireproof barrier around a flue pipe in the attic.

Window Installation in Pittsford NY

This unique home in Pittsford, has a lot of original features, including the large custom windows. We replaced out the old windows with newer, cleaner custom windows to keep this home's original design but with more updated windows. 

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