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Thank you for the outstanding job done by the Comfenergy team on insulating my basement on November 14, 2016.  My sales rep, Shayne Sandner, was friendly and very professional. He answered all of my questions and inspired great confidence. His emphasis on quality and standing behind your work helped me to select Comfenergy as my spray foam vendor. His pricing was very close to the quote I received from one of your competitors. Communications from Comfenergy were clear and kept me informed of the planning and scheduling process. Your team did the work while I was away on vacation, with my father letting them into the house and checking in after the job was done. When I returned home, I found that you were generous with your insulation - you fulfilled (actually exceeded, for the most part) your 2" insulation thickness commitment throughout the basement. I was also happy to find that there was zero residual odor (your team installed on a Monday and I returned home the following Sunday). Your team paid attention to the details, such as installing rigid insulation around window and door rough-ins to ensure uninterrupted insulation and to prevent any foam from interfering with my future trim installation. The Comfenergy team did a fantastic job of cleaning up. Not a spec of foam on the floors or anywhere else that it wasn't supposed to be. Even more evidence of your customer focus is that your team did not push me at all to pay for the work prior to my return home from vacation, so I could inspect the job. Nicely done Comfenergy!  Thanks for your exceptional performance and customer support.
Scott M. of Aldie, VA
Monday, November 21st
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"We had Comfenergy do some closed cell spray foam. Stephen was extremely knowledgeable and a joy to do business with. We originally got a quote last fall and they did a professional job following up. Luckily our project was delayed and we had not made a decision yet. When Stephen saw my original quote with a rep that is no longer there he wanted to come out and see the project again to requote to make sure it was correct. Naturally I was hesitant because I didn’t want it to go up. When he came back he toured the job, asked the right questions and after learning what I was doing he was able to update his recommendations, find adjustments that actually came back with an even better price for more accurate work I needed! Who does that!? Only a company with integrity! We proceeded with the job and it was a great experience from start to finish. They are extremely knowledgeable and responsive to any questions. I highly recommend them and look forward to continuing to do business with them."
Angus S. of Herndon, VA
Friday, June 9th
Hi Mike –   Just wanted to send a quick note to say thank you again for everything.  We really appreciate the initial work and returning to fix the guest room.  It has made a TREMENDOUS difference from where we started in September.  Our upstairs remains at a consistent, comfortable temperature, and the kids are sleeping beautifully.  And we’re confident our energy bill is (or will be) lower as well.   We will definitely recommend you and Comfenergy to friends and family.  Thanks again and Happy New Year!   Best, Mike
Mike L. of Vienna, VA
Tuesday, January 3rd
"The team, led by Myra Rodriguez were prompt, polite, hard working and thorough.  Myra always let me know what was going on and how long it would take.  She would prepare me for the next days work.  Each day she shared pictures of the progress as I was not interested in going into the attic myself!  The crew cleaned up before leaving each day and set up quickly each morning.  I would highly recommend!"
Robin B. of Annandale, VA
Friday, March 11th
"Carl, Ariel just left and it was an OUTSTANDING consultation.  I feel so much better. Most importantly, I feel so much better to ensure that everything is functioning well before the heat comes continuously.  You were right, the nozzle was not turned from winter to summer. I was not able to find it as it was high up.  There are two different nozzles.  One was turned and it made a huge difference  I took the temp without the air on at 4:30 am today and again at 8 am before Ariel came. He said that they did not have any photos after or before the work.  I have enclosed the two photos I had before the work was done which began the entire process with (HVAC company) and then the referral to you. I cannot thank you and Comfenergy enough. When you select a company, it is not just the work they do but whether they stand by it. I would definitely recommend Comfenergy and the skills and professionalism of people like you and Ariel and the staff. It was just so shocking to me that the temperature only was 97 for a few days and how hot it became.  I would like to write something to a manager on behalf of Ariel and his consultation as well as you. Could you recommend who I should write to?  I would also highly recommend your services to friends and colleagues in the future.   THANK YOU SO MUCH! Sincerely, VIvian"
Vivian S. of Burke, VA
Friday, May 27th
Testimonial Photo by G. P.
Our salesperson, Tim, explained what the job would entail, but also the science behind it. He informed me of what I needed to do to improve efficiency while working within my budget. The scheduling department was wonderful! I requested to have my install day moved up if there were any cancellations and they were able to get my project done sooner. The production crew did a great job explaining the process and took great care with my property. I will definitely use Comfenergy again! 
G. P. of Warrenton, VA
Tuesday, February 22nd
Testimonial Photo by Leon B.
"I’m very pleased with the service. The Consultant, Jon P, was very knowledgeable and explained the options for cleaning and repairing the damage to my home’s crawl space. On the day of service, the Team Leader, Melvin, and his crew were Top Notch! Even though it was raining on the day of work, they took great care to minimize any tracking of dirt into my house. They involved me in every step of the repair and did a thorough, and I mean thorough, clean up at the end of the job. I’m very pleased with Comfenergy‘s service. I should have had them fix my crawl space years ago."
Leon B. of Warrenton, VA
Thursday, January 19th
Testimonial Photo by Tom W.
"We had two teams come to our home in Warrenton to update the insulation in our attics and to encapsulate our crawl space. Mayra (team lead) and her crew did a great job removing our old (very old) loose fiberglass insulation and then they fixed improper bathroom vents ducting, air sealed the attic and blew in cellulose deep enough to encase our flex ducts and "can" light covers. The next day the came out and upgraded the insulation in our cantilevered floor (2nd level) using 4" thick insulated foam board. Pedro was the team lead for the encapsulation system. His team was also outstanding. Both Mayra and Pedro took special care to cover floors, put up dust barriers and the clean up was perfect. They explained the process and showed us their teams progress along the way.Within 24 hours we noticed that our HVAC system isn't coming on as often and the house is holding it's heat much longer than before. $$ well spent on this upgrade."
Tom W. of Warrenton, VA
Monday, March 20th
Testimonial Photo by Sergio T.
  "Comfenergy insulated our garage walls along with many other parts of the attic and home.Their team was very punctual and hard working.They worked all day non stop. We had to tell them to stop for a few minutes to eat.I have never seen such a hard working crew.Extremely professional and kept the area clean.At the end of the day they made sure everything was clean and put into place.Would hire them again."
Sergio T. of Woodbridge, VA
Friday, February 10th
Good Afternoon Everyone   Brent Bevens and Carlos Ramirez did the insulation of our Fireplace today.  Yippee!!!! Their friendly Customer Service coupled with their hard work certainly was appreciated.  They came around 9:00 and completed the task at 3:30.   Before starting they shared pictures to let us know exactly what they were told to do.  They worked fantastic as a team to ensure the job was done properly.  They ensured the trash was picked up and put in garbage bags while they were working.  They walked the yard to ensure everything that was blown by the wind was picked up.  HOA cannot complain one bit.  We look forward to receiving a telephone call from Brenda to schedule the blow in insulation for the bottom flooring.  The inside floor gets extremely cold during the Winter.  We truly appreciated the excellent Customer Service and enjoyed having Brent and Carlos taking care of the job.  We took pictures of the work and can be assured the air won't be coming in anymore.  Hopefully, our heating bill will decrease.  Thanks to Comfenergy our home is much more insulated and our utility bills sure have decreased. 
Philip S. of Bunker Hill, WV
Tuesday, May 3rd
Testimonial Photo by Kathy B.
"I wanted to comment on the wonderful job your team did in my home yesterday.  Robert, Patty and Danny were all very professional and friendly.  They set up quickly and prepped my home to eliminate the potential for damage or making a mess.  They worked efficiently and kept in communication with us as needed.  We can already feel a difference int he areas of the home that they worked in.  I wished we had called Comfenergy sooner than we did.  We are recommending the same service to several of our neighbors who have similar concerns in their homes."
Kathy B. of Culpeper, VA
Thursday, March 16th
I contacted Justin because our first floor master bedroom was extremely hot during the summer and very cold in the winter. When Justin came out, he did a thorough inspection and explained his findings in detail. He used thermal imaging to determine our bedroom attic had no insulation above it. Since there was no access to this area, his high-tech gear was able to see what we could not. Justin is extremely polite, extremely patient and knowledgeable. I would highly recommend Justin and the amazing Comfenergy crew to anyone.
Leanne P. of Ashburn, VA
Sunday, June 19th
I appreciated the time spent showing me the work and explaining what was going to be done.  The door adjustment for access was very good.
Andrew A. of Ashburn, VA
Monday, February 23rd
Salesperson went over everything crew would do.  Friendly. Very good work.  They worked with us and explained everything as they worked.
David O. of Ashburn, VA
Monday, June 22nd
Mike was very thorough in explanation of what our needs were.  He was very personable and great to work with.  All crew members were respectful and gave excellent customer service. 
Jenn S. of Ashburn, VA
Monday, September 26th
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